Lipa Band

by Aethyna
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Lipa Band 9 rate Your child will be able to join the Bug Band on their tour around the world and to try out new jams. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects Less Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

Your child will be able to join the Bug Band on their tour around the world and to try out new jams.

Educational Aspects

Hand & Eye Coordination -Your child will be able to improve their hand and eye coordination by guiding Bee, Genie and Lulu through various landscapes that are littered with dangerous obstacles and fun power-ups while collecting all the musical notes along the way.

Listening -As no subtitles are provided, your child can hone their listening skills while learning about the story behind the Bug Band in Lipa Band.

Reactions -There will be times when your child picked up a power-up in the game and the game speeds up. When this happens, your child’s reaction time will be put to the test.

Musical Knowledge -Your child will also be able to get a taste of music and how to create a tune using the various “instruments” in the game.

Less Educational Aspects

Creativity -As music creation is part of the gameplay in Lipa Band, your child’s creativity will definitely be ignited as they play around with the various elements in the game.

Replay Value -The game provides a helpful “reset” button that will allow you to reset your child’s progress easily for example when you would like your second child to give the game a try instead.

Lipa Band Blog

New Game Added: Lipa Band

by Aethyna Mar 3, 2016
Your child will be able to join the Bug Band on their tour around the world and to try out new jams. Lipa Band: Gain more fans Jam with the band in Lipa Band Collecting musical notes on an airplane in Lipa Band Read More
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