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Blooket is a freemium educational supplement website where educators can create “sets” of questions or quizzes on a wide variety of topics or search “sets” created by other educators which can be used to host games for students to play as part of their curriculum. Games Educate Kids - Homeschooling with Blooket

A teacher/host picks a question set and a game mode then Blooket generates a unique code that student/players can use to join the game on their own devices. After the game starts, players (who are represented by “Blooks”—little block avatars) will answer questions towards achieving specific achievements or goals.

General Benefits & Features

Blooket has multiple benefits as an engaging, interactive tool supplement to a student’s education, whether through traditional school or homeschooling means. A major advantage is its ability to Motivate Students as they are rewarded for participating in games by answering questions and exploring new methods of learning. Furthermore, students can work at their own pace to answer questions in many of the games, encouraging them to take time to think over their answers without the pressures of a time limit.

What’s more, if the student has a Blooket account, they can track their stats, get a chance to top global leaderboard rankings, buy and sell Blooks, and participate in upcoming community-wide events!

Another benefit is the way educators can use Blooket to Teach Lessons Effortlessly.Question sets can be painlessly imported or created easily with Blooket’s powerful Set Builder. You can also explore hundreds of exciting sets built by other users on the Discover Sets page.

Forget the old, boring, and redundant classroom review modules and take advantage of Blooket’s dynamic, innovative Game Modes which you can fully customize. Edit game settings with a variety of options to truly make Blooket the perfect tool for you and bring your students’ education the excitement it deserves! Moreover, Blooket differentiates itself from other similar educational game websites in that you can use the same set of questions to incorporate into other game modes—not just one.

Blooket is FREE to use with the creation of an account at The Free version includes all of their essential features, including: access and creation of an Unlimited number of question sets and the ability to host a game with up to 60 students/players.

On the other hand, you can Upgrade to a Blooket Paid Plan to receive additional features to enhance your Blooket experience such as hosting for 1,000 players (except Racing and Battle Royale); access to new or limited time events; access to new Blooks, and game modes before anyone else; after game bonus tokens and other goodies; and the ability for educators to copy question sets, duplicate community sets, create folders, and view enhanced game reports.

You can purchase a Blooket upgrade at at a cost of $2.99/month charged annually (Plus) or $4.99/month charged monthly (Plus Flex).

How Does Blooket Work?

First, visit to Sign Up for a free account using your email address or your Google account information. When signing up, you will need to provide a username, verify you are at least 13 years old, and then select whether you are a “Teacher” or “Student”.

Afterwards, take the following steps to create/choose your game and host your first Blooket session:

1. Choose a Question Set. Whether you create your own question set, import one with their convertor tools, or find one in the Blooket Discover Sets database, you’ll have an unlimited number of options to choose from in an equally unlimited number of themes ranging from Mathematics and Geography to Cartoons and Food.

2. Select a Game Mode. There are currently around 9 main Game Modes to choose from with more modes being added, including limited time seasonal and event modes. Some of the popular Game Modes include:

Classic which is the traditional trivia game style where students quickly answer questions to earn points and climb the leaderboard. It is not self-paced as all students see the same question at the same time and has a time limit imposed for answering.
Gold Quest which is a self-paced game where players will be given a choice of three chests to open. Some have gold, some have nothing, and some allow you to take gold from other players. The winner can be set to who has the most gold at the end of a time limit or an amount of gold a player collects.
Battle Royale is a real-time competition game that pairs students to answer questions head-to-head. It can also be set up as team vs. team and a great option if you do not have 1-to-1 devices in your room. The student who answers the question correctly and quicker wins the battle. Then, the next round they are paired with a different competitor.
Racing is a race to the finish game that requires students to be quick and accurate to move their Blook ahead in the race. This becomes super engaging when players earn power ups that allow them to move further forward or move other players backwards when they answer a series of questions successfully. Teachers can decide how many questions students must answer correctly to be the winner of the race.

3. Host & Join. A teacher simply hosts a game on a large screen in front of the class and students join in and compete on their own devices with the Game ID. Alternatively, it can be used in a homeschooling environment with the parent hosting the game on a tablet while the children engage via their own devices.

To host a game, first choose a question set by finding one in the Discover Sets tab or creating one in the Create tab and then view it in your Dashboard. Click on the “Host” button of this set and select a Game Mode. From there, it will walk you through the process of creating a game. Once this is done, you'll get a Game ID that you can share with students so they can join the game.

Students do not need to make an account. They just join a game you host by visiting and entering the Game ID you will receive when you start hosting a game. Students who do create accounts, however, will have the additional ability to unlock new Blooks and track their stats.

Most of the games do not require the students to be able to see the teacher’s screen which makes it a great option if you are playing with virtual students. Games can be hosted so students are playing all at the same time or can be assigned as homework for students to complete within a given time period.

4. Play to Review. Throughout a game session, students will not only enjoy playing the games, but they're a more interesting, dynamic way to review content being taught in class.

5. Analyze the Results. With detailed score reports and question analysis, teachers can easily understand how their students are performing and identify areas that they may need to review again.

In the free version, you only receive a report that shows you the percentage of questions that were answered correctly or incorrectly for the class and then each student. You cannot view data on which questions were missed. This makes Blooket a better option for review games. If you prefer a tool with better assessment capabilities, consider upgrading to Blooket Plus.

Blooket for Homeschooling

Parents who are homeschooling their children will find Blooket to be a highly useful interactive tool for keeping their children engaged and excited about their course reviews and quizzes. In addition, it is a particularly dynamic way to formulate homework, motivating children to want to finish them because of the games’ visual and competitive nature.

To create a game for Homework, first choose a question set by finding one in the Discover Set tab or creating one in the Create tab and then view it in your Dashboard. Click on the “Host” on the question set and select Tower of Doom, Factory, Crazy Kingdom, Tower Defense, or Café mode (these modes currently have homework options). Then, click “Assign HW” and it will walk you through the process. Finally, it will give you a link that students can click to play the game on their own time (all they have to do is click the link, they don’t need an account).

Community and Online

The Blooket community is made up of a diverse, creative, and highly engaged group of educators, experts, and students that are working hard to innovate and change education. Through them, Blooket continues to excite and innovate with their creation of fresh, unique content that makes the free Blooket community one of the best educational resources in schools and homes around the world!

By following Blooket on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@PlayBlooket), teachers, parents, and students can stay tuned-in to Blooket events and updates and share their Blooket experiences. Educators and parents can even share question sets with one another by simply navigating to their dashboards and locating the sets they would like to share. Then, it’s just a matter of clicking the “Link” button over at the Settings section (represented by the Gear/Cog icon to the right of the trash can) and it'll copy the link for you to share (requires your Privacy settings to be set to “Public” rather than “Private”).

A fun, extremely engaging alternative to the usual textbooks and paper style of reviewing, quizzing, and assigning homework; Blooket strives to revolutionize the way students learn and become motivated into learning. By creating memorable experiences with classroom content, Blooket is paving the way towards digital-based education that is not only one of the most enjoyable methods to encourage children to want to gain knowledge but also a proven highly effective one as well.

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