10 Educational Games in STEM

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Get the girls in your home interested in the STEM fields with these 10 educational games! Games Educate Kids - 10 Educational Games in STEM

First off, what is STEM? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These are a few of the most vital subjects that could help change the course of the world, and today’s young generation is going to be the path setters and biggest contenders in these fields and maybe make the world a better place.

In today’s patriarchal society, a social stigma has arisen that says only boys could be interested in STEM. This view is incredibly biased and wrong, and there are thousands of female scientists and mathematicians out there to prove that.

At a tender age like 7 or 9, terms like engineering and mathematics may seem very difficult, but with the advent of online educational games, you could let your daughter learn more about STEM, without them having to know it. Here is a list of 10 educational games that could boost your girl’s interest in the fields described in STEM.

#1: JumpStart Online

JumpStart Online is an excellent open world educational game that could help your daughter learn about math basics like addition, subtraction, fractions etc. It has several sections like adventure land and story land that would help your girl learn about counting, reading, spelling and shapes in an entertaining and fun way.

#2: Aquabot

Jake was trying to show off his grandpa’s championship football ring to Scigirl, but it accidentally fell into a fish tank at the marine center. Your daughters’ help is needed! Aquabot is a fun and engaging game that could teach your girl about basic scientific principles like buoyancy. It would also teach her through a series of educational reasoning, to design a remote operated vehicle that runs under water. Aquabot will not just enhance your girl’s scientific ideas, but teach her about time-management and analytical reasoning.

#3: Invention Engine

In Invention Engine, you have to help your daughter make items for Fishe’s birthday with the help of the Invention Engine. The engine can make anything if the right ingredients are used. This will help your daughter enhance her analytical skills by solving various puzzles, teach her on why one should plan ahead and the ways to do it and also about basic physics concepts like if a ball hits a wall at a certain angle it bounces back at another.

#4: Moshi Monsters

In this virtual world game, your daughter will learn a lot of things through a series of mini games and puzzles. Color Chaos will teach her about the various colors and shapes, Eyes Spy will teach her counting. There are several other smaller games imbibed inside that will teach your girl about math concepts and patterns, like Moshi Mash or Number Jumble. Moshi Monster will also teach your girl about compassion, creativity and patience.

Code Warriors

#5: Airlines Builder

Dr. Marbles is building a fleet of space ships to fly his friends around and your daughter has to help him make ships of various shapes and patterns. She will be provided with a number of bars which she has to organize into a shape without any gaps, and once she has made a shape, she can’t use it again. Airlines Builder will teach her about shapes and problem solving skills. It will help her identify patterns and make decisions based on hand-eye coordination as well, making it an excellent game to boost your child’s development.

#6: Math Blaster

Math Blaster is an excellent game that could help strengthen your girl’s mathematics skills through various fun and engaging games and puzzles. It will teach her about basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and also about angles and degrees. It is a fun way to help your kid learn about the basics of the M of STEM.

#7: Code Breaker

Code Breaker is an excellent game that will help your girl learn about math by solving various puzzles and codes. She has to help the characters move back to the base by moving them to the correct numbers in the sequence. The character needs to move to the correct number. If they are moved to the wrong number, she has to start again. This will keep your kid engrossed and help her learn in the process.

#8: Code Warrior

Code Warriors is designed to help your daughter learn about basic JavaScript programming and build their own robots in the Chop shop. Since this game requires no previous knowledge of Java, your girl can learn as she proceeds through the game.

#9: Fantage

Fantage is an open world game that lets your girl explore and meet new friends and in the process learn about subjects like math, English and geography. Through solving puzzles and math problems, she will be able to proceed through levels and learn new knowledge related to the STEM fields in a more fun and interesting way.

#10: Secret Builders

Secret Builders has a set of mini games and puzzles that would help your girl learn about the basics of Math, Spelling, Geography, Chemistry, Art, History, General Knowledge and colors through various engaging games and pattern solving sessions.

These 10 educational games are hand-picked by us could help your daughter learn about the various subjects of STEM and let her know that it’s alright to delve into these previously-male dominated fields.

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