What Is the KidSAFE Seal Program?

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The online world can be a pretty educational place to visit, but like all places, it has a less desirable side to it. To give parents a peace of mind, the KidSAFE Seal Program was established. Games Educate Kids - What Is the KidSAFE Seal Program?

Nothing seems to be sacred in this day and age of the Internet and Entertainment Industry. If you have a child, you might be thinking of all the possible exposures your child must be getting. Some of these exposures are good, most are bad and as a parent, you cannot seem to figure out which is which.

Many children from all around the world have been emotionally scarred, or have atrocious behavior, due to excessive exposure to "bad" part of the world. If you are thinking “But he doesn’t venture out of the neighborhood”, you are wrong. If you have a TV and the Internet, your kid might as well be using these things for his daily information.

Outcomes of Unsuitable Entertainment

Kids who browse the internet for hours on end are as susceptible to negative social outcomes as much as kids who watch TV for hours. If you were a parent and you had to work, your kid would be at the mercy of having absolutely no supervision at home. Even if he is a responsible kid, you cannot expect a child to not respond to their innate curiosity and accidentally end up in one of the darker parts of the internet due to the lure of some of the "so-called entertainment" - a place that even most adults don't visit. What the internet and TV channels show to them are their sources of information on the outside world. Due to this, a healthy amount of kids could end up suffering from long-term effects, which will obviously affect their lives as adults down the road.

KidSAFE: What is it?

KidSAFE is something that might be the solution to your worries. Shai Samet, who is an award winning entrepreneur and a privacy consultant founded KidSAFE. KidSAFE is a certification program that helps parents decide what is good for their kids and what is not. The KidSAFE program certifies websites and technologies for kids, and this includes a variety of things. It certifies online game sites, smartphone applications, social media, social networks, tablet devices, educational websites etc.

Furthermore, it also certifies virtual worlds and other interactive technologies. The many brands associated with KidSAFE are:
● Cartoon Network,
● Jumpstart,
● Pearson Education.
There is an exhaustive list of participating members in the KidSAFE program, which only goes to show Samet’s dedication in making entertainment safe for kids.

As you already know, there is a membership in their program. KidSAFE adds products to their prestigious list if it meets their online safety and privacy standards. After certification KidSAFE awards its seal to the website. The different seals of KidSAFE are:
● KidSAFE Certified
● KidSAFE+ Coppa Certified
● KidSAFE Listed.
If you see a website or any technology that has a KidSAFE seal, know that it's a child friendly product.

About KidSAFE Seals

These seals have some distinguished attributes of their own. KidSAFE Certified means that the website or the product has safety measures for chat, community and social features. It also ensures safe handling of products and the existence of a proper complaint procedure. It also gives full parental control over the child’s account.

KidSAFE+ Coppa Certified has rules of KidSAFE Certified, and then some more. As a parent, you want the most protection for your kid, and KidSAFE+ Coppa ensure that. It ensures data integrity and security procedures, parental notice and consent procedures. In addition to that, it also gives parental access to child information.

KidSAFE Listed is a seal given to those websites that are family and children friendly.

To Sum Up...

In conclusion, KidSAFE draws a safety net for you and your family. If you are not into the internet, it gives you a detailed report of usage. It also enables you to watch over your children online. The internet is growing rapidly around you and you need to ensure safety for our kids. Between harm and your family, stands certification companies like KidSAFE.

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