New Article Added: Homeschooling with Blooket

by Mel Apr 3, 2022
Blooket is a freemium educational supplement website where educators can create “sets” of questions or quizzes on a wide variety of topics or search “sets” created by other educators which can be used to host games for students to play as part of their curriculum. Homeschooling with Blooket preview image Read More

New Article Added: 4 Reasons Why EZJO is an Ideal Place for Your Kids to Play Games

by Mikhail Mar 3, 2022
Are you for the perfect website where your kids can play some pretty good age-appropriate games? Well, EZJO is a virtual playground of fun, and it definitely warrants your consideration. 4 Reasons Why EZJO is an Ideal Place for Your Kids to Play Games preview image Read More

StoryToys announces New LEGO DUPLO MARVEL Collaboration for Preschool App Launching December 2021

by Aethyna Oct 27, 2021
A collaboration for the ages! StoryToys announces New LEGO DUPLO MARVEL Collaboration for Preschool App Launching December 2021 Read More

New Article Added: Is Minecraft Really Safe for Kids?

by Mel Sep 17, 2021
As the highest selling video game of all time, Minecraft has not only been a favorite of adult enthusiasts across the globe, it is also one of the most popular games among children. Many parents, however, have trouble fully understanding both the deeply immersive nature of the game enough to question whether Minecraft is actually a safe space for their children to play and create in—which this article will try to answer.
Is Minecraft Really Safe for Kids? preview image Read More

New Game Added: Muzzy BBC

by Mikhail Aug 24, 2021
Muzzy BBC is a fun language course designed for kids using animated stories, fun activities, and games. It opens the path for kids to become bilingual, teaching them various languages like Spanish, German, French, and Korean. Child watching Muzzy Muzzy language selection Muzzy and friends Read More

New Game Added: Kids Piano

by Mikhail Aug 17, 2021
Kids Piano is a music game for kids and toddlers, giving them access to various instruments like the guitar, keyboard, flute, and xylophone. It also has other activities and lessons, teaching kids how to pronounce the names of various objects, enhancing speech. Musical instruments Kids Piano Sound lessons on Kids Piano Animals on Kids Piano Read More

ABCmouse’s Back-to-School Offer: Get 80% Off for Two Months

by Mikhail Aug 11, 2021
Take advantage of ABCmouse's back-to-school offer: $5 for two-month access to its comprehensive learning programs. ABCmouse back-to-school offer Read More

Send Your Kids on a Quest to Learn in Adventure Academy’s 80% Off Back-to-School Offer

by Mikhail Aug 11, 2021
Adventure Academy is offering two-month access for just $5, so a learning adventure is just within reach. Adventure Academy Read More

New Game Added: Stride K12

by Aethyna Aug 4, 2021
Stride K12 is an online educational program offering personalized public and private school curriculum that is perfect for homeschooling and online learning, as well as a host of other features, giving kids the tools they need to learn in their own unique ways, at their own pace, and at their own place! Stride K12: Social studies Space Coaster in Stride K12 Stride K12: Fractions Read More

New Game Added: CodeSpark Academy

by Mikhail Jul 21, 2021
Teach your kids how to code in CodeSpark Academy, the premiere coding and STEM learning app for kids. Get your kids interested in computer science using a variety of fun games! Ignite interest in STEM subjects and clear the path for them to master math and reading. Characters in Codespark Academy Construction and coding in Codespark Academy Creating your own game Read More
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Adventure Academy Adventure Academy From the creators of one of the world’s leading learning program, ABCmouse, Adventure Academy is a brilliant virtual world game that’s cleverly designed to be both fun to play and also educational. It covers a wide range of topics from science and math to English and is suitable for kids between the ages of 8 to 13. ABCmouse ABCmouse Welcome to a very comprehensive set of games and activities where you child can learn about the alphabet, numbers and much more. Reading IQ Reading IQ Reading IQ is a digital, interactive library app that’s specially designed for kids under the age of 12. With over 1000 specially-curated and child-friendly titles as well as over 700 voiced books, your child will be able to hone their reading and listening skills, bringing these skills to the next level. is a brilliant educational website that uses gamification to encourage and promote fun learning. The site offers entertaining lessons from Kindergarten to Grade 6 based on the Common Core Standards, covering wide-ranging topics under all the important subjects like English, Maths, Science, and Social Sciences. WhiteHat Jr. WhiteHat Jr. WhiteHat Jr is a coding program that offers live online coding classes that are designed to teach kids between the Grades 1 to 12 the skills they’ll needed for coding as well as the ability to code for websites, apps and more. IXL IXL IXL is an educational site which contains quiz-like games for your children aged around 2 to 18. It covers a wide range of topics from math to languages; from the sciences to social studies, making it a suitable supplementary tool for educators, especially those involved in homeschooling.


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