6 Fun Educational Games for Musical Kids

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If your child loves music, here are 6 fun musical games they can enjoy. Games Educate Kids - 6 Fun Educational Games for Musical Kids

Friedrich Nietzsche had said “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Music is a vital part of the lives of people. When you are sad and low; when you are happy and joyful, music is always be your constant companion. There is almost nobody on the planet who would say that he or she is not fond of music. It is your companion when you are lonely, when you are in a party, when you walk home from office.

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary music is "the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion". Even though it is virtually impossible to ‘define’ music is so many words, this is by far the closest description of what it stands for.

There are many artists and musicians and singers out there who are presenting their works and compositions to the world. There are over a hundred genres in music like classical, rock, jazz, metal, punk, blues, indie, alternative and many more. People have varied taste in music. Some are metal heads and tend to listen to the jamming of electric guitars, whereas some prefer a more classical touch and stick to old western classics and jazz.

The concept of music is picked up by children at a very early age. Schools and pre-schools teach a lot of their lessons through fun and engaging rhyming songs. If kids have a taste for music or it’s in their genes, they will be able to pick up the traits and concepts even faster. With the advancement of technology, the digital world has alleviated music to the next level. Artists rely a great deal on technology to make their music. Not just this, there are apps and softwares out there that help teach younger minds about music.

Here are some fun educational games for all the musical kids out there.

#1: Lipa Band

In between helping the Bug Band travel the world for their tour, your child also gets to try out new jams using some rather unconventional “musical instruments”, in addition to the conventional ones, that only a cartoon bug can use. Your child will be able to experiment and create their own tunes in Lipa Band, though there is no way for you to record and save the tunes they've made.

#2: Franktown Rocks

This fun and engaging game lets your kid make new friends, meet new people and most exciting of all, make tunes of their own. For kids who have a taste in music, this game is very useful to improve their typing and reading skills and learn about various musical tunes. Since Franktown Rocks is music based, it lets your kid explore the musician in him or her.

#3: Fantage

Fantage is very entertaining and it lets your kid learn about various subjects including math and English. Through various musical adventures, puzzles and activities, this game teaches your kid about geography, art and proper reading. Through various small counting games or spelling tests, your kid will not only enjoy, but also learn in the process.

#4: Mega Music

Dora is back and this time with all her friends to help your child learn more about music. Let your child sing along with Dora in this fun game, Mega Music. It allows your kid to change the type of instrument being played and also control the speed of the song. This way, your child will develop a sense of tunes and learn about various instruments and musical terms like chords and tempos.

#5: Concert Day

In Concert Day, Dora and her friends have decided to have a concert. It is up to your kid to help them attain all the required items for the same so that they make it on time. The game is filled with information about musical instruments and notes and tunes. This will help your kid to improve his or her taste in music. The game also teaches your kid about counting as there are a lot of items to collect and decorate before the big concert.

#6: Music Maker

Music Maker allows your kid to create a band of his or her own with various Nick Jr. characters. Your kid can create his own tunes and songs by using various musical instruments, placing different characters at different levels of the stage and switch to other tunes whenever necessary. Through this game, your child will not only learn about music, but also will be able to portray his or her expanse of creativity. Best yet, your child can record the tunes they’ve made and share it with the world.

If you want your child to develop a musical taste at a very early age and he or she is really into this real, these set of games are ideally suited to boost their confidence and interest in the same.

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