Giving Your Child an Early Start Makes A Huge Difference

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Why is giving your child a head start so important? Games Educate Kids - Giving Your Child an Early Start Makes A Huge Difference

Every parent in this world want what’s best for the children. Whether it is the healthiest food or the most comfortable clothes, parents will often go the extra mile just so their children will grow up to be healthy and happy.

However, when it comes to education, many parents seem to hit a snag. They want to give their children that critical head start in achieving academic success but they have no idea how. Well, this is completely understandable. After all, not every parent is a natural educator and he/she may struggle when it comes to preparing their preschool kids for kindergarten.

That is why Age of Learning has spent the resources and time, searching far and wide for experts who’d help to develop the #1 online learning program for kids ages 2-8*, ABCmouse!

ABCmouse is able to help your preschool kids build a solid foundation of knowledge that they can then build upon. Best yet, it is not only available at an affordable price but it’s also proven to be effective in preparing kids academically when they attend kindergarten.

Even for those who aren’t able to afford it, they can access all the learning materials and activities for free at their local library or community centers as many of these locations are participants in ABCmouse for Libraries and ABCmouse for Community Centers programs.

How ABCmouse provides academic readiness?

The online educational program has an extensive preschool curriculum ranging from reading to math; from shapes to colors. Let’s take a deeper look!

Children will learn how to recognize alphabets from A to Z. Their oral vocabulary, in which they learn how words are pronounced, and phonemic awareness, the concept of how the different rounds of the alphabet can be combined to form words, will also be honed, allowing them to follow along in ABCmouse’s many Preschool Read-Aloud activities, such as a fictional story about a hen in a pen or a non-fiction book about Gorillas, or even nursery rhymes.

Your kid will learn the numbers 1 to 5 in both numeric and text formats. Most importantly, they will know the sequence of said numbers, allowing them to differentiate between smaller and larger numbers.

The shapes taught in the preschool curriculum includes circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds and stars. Your child will not only be able to name these shapes but also identify the shapes in the world around them.

World Around Us
This is a pretty general category which includes social studies, food as well as science, such as the weather, basic science phenomena like rainbows, and parts of the body.

Arts and Colors
This is the creative component of the curriculum, allowing your child the freedom to express themselves via art. Some of the art activities, like Paint by Letters or Numbers, also combine lessons from other categories such as reading and math. They will also learn about the 6 basic colors, namely red, yellow, blue, orange, green and purple.

How can an early start make a difference?

It’s crucial – and I cannot emphasize this enough – for you to foster a love for learning early on in your child. You don’t want to make learning feel like a brain-numbing chore or turn it into a traumatic experience (which may involve a lot of crying) for your kid.

That is why ABCmouse works so well for young kids. It’s an online educational program that doesn’t feel like your typical (and rigid) formal education. Instead, your child is able to learn as they play games, sing along to catchy tunes, or even fill a picture with colors in the ABCmouse’s many specially-curated lessons.

The academic progression path in this program is not rigid either. This allows more advanced children to move on to tougher and more challenging materials without feeling held back by their classmates or friends. Likewise, weaker students can repeat lessons as needed, giving them the chance to be on the same level as their classmates once they attend kindergarten.

Giving your child the help he or she needs to start on the same footing as their classmates during kindergarten is important in building their confidence as well. Can you imagine how bad your kid may feel when everyone knows their ABCs but him? It’s bad… I know.

As a bonus, this newfound confidence can also be turned into a motivating force later on whenever your child need to tackle a tough subject or to learn something new.

Last but not least, ABCmouse is designed in such a way that you, as parents, will be drawn in, and essentially be more involved in your child’s education and progress.

It’s tough world out there and parents often find themselves worn out by the end of the work day, having little to no personal time left for themselves, let alone to mentor their kids and help them with their lessons. However, studies have shown that kids learn better if their parents are more actively involved in their education. What to do?

Well, ABCmouse has an in-depth tracking system, allowing you to easily track the progress of your kids in a single, convenient place. This allows you to easily identify the places your child is weak in and lend him or her a hand.

All in all, giving your child an early start does make a huge difference, and what better way to do so than by giving them access to the best online educational program for kids ages 2-8*?

*ABCmouse was the top grossing iOS kids Education app in Q1 2018.

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