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Starting your child’s code-learning process can be pretty difficult. After all, most kids don’t like numbers and long strings of letters... and this is where the “Hour with Code” project comes in! Games Educate Kids - Learn an Hour of Code Through Games

The internet has opened up many doors for new learning and experiences, but it’s quite mind-boggling to see some resistance when it comes to learning about coding After all, coding forms the basis of everything on the internet. Since your child will interact with the internet more than any other generation before had you, he needs to be equipped with the knowledge of coding.

Not to mention, to give your child the advantage of being ahead of the flock in this very technology-oriented era, learning how to code is definitely the way to go. Allowing kids to learn through gaming will help open up a great number of jobs and career opportunities like game development, app designing, website developing, coding, software designing, UX and UI designing, etc.

Being a key in driving innovation, particularly in the digital world, computer science is now being adopted in schools across the US. Although the number is growing slowly, about 30 states now have computer science as a part of their curriculum. A child undergoing K-12 education can now evolve and grow up with technology around him. After all, a child’s developing brain finds it much easier to learn the technology and adapt to it.

However, starting your child’s code-learning process can be pretty difficult. Most kids don’t like numbers and long strings of letters... and this is where Code.org comes in!

Since its inception, Code.org set out on a mission to make this code-learning process fun. They, with the vision of increasing this knowledge across students from diverse backgrounds, have created a brilliant project called “Hour with Code”.

Here is how you can turn his gaming hour into a learning session:

Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with code

This game based on the Star War’s theme uses programming to move the character BB8. The programming is done using visual blocks rather than text, making the game perfect for kids. The task is simply moving him around to collect scrap metal. This enhances the ability of your child to understand a mix and match of different codes and see its effect.

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MineCraft Hour of Code

Jens, who happens to be the Lead Developer at Minecraft started young at the age of 12. He realized he had to learn to code in order to build a game. Through programming Alex and Steve move across the Mine craft land. This helps your child learn concepts like commands, Repeat commands and If statements. Your child can build the minecraft landscape using the block function. This will improve your child’s visualizing capability along with teaching him how to code.

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Code with Anna and Elsa

Mark Zuckerberg got his first computer is 6th grade. Coding is about expression and building things from an idea. Dive into the journey of making winter wonderland with Else and Anna. Move them around using code blocks. Code is a way of telling the computer and your favorite characters what to do.

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Angry Birds - Classic Maze

Using toolboxes, you can move angry birds around a maze to catch the pigs. The game uses blocks that can be used in various combinations to move the birds. It instills the concepts into your child while letting them play angry birds. A entertaining deal, we say.

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Flappy Birds

Flappy Birds as a game has taken the internet by a storm. Event handler options in the game allow your child to synchronize sound and action. For example, when mouse is clicked make a sound. This also comes with an option of creating custom flappy bird game. The custom games have an option of designing a flappy bird game according to your own requirement. This enables the players to explore endless possibilities when it comes to designing a game. You could also try a lot of different things in terms of the layout.

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Infinity Play Lab

The Infinity play lab helps your child replicate his favorite games using various blocks as commands. Every game is based on a story. The characters interact with each other and their environment. They could also finish tasks to earn points. The task depends on the layout of the game. PopCab games have made it easier to create and replicate a game with different characters. The commands not only help you move the characters but also decide how and what they will do in a setting created by codes.

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The game artist is about bringing out the inner artist in the child while he learns how to code. Creating geometrical shapes and then moving on to more complicated ones is made easier by using codes. Simply moving the cursor by using a series of commands is what this game comprises of. The end result is beautiful designs that can be printed out and framed.

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Regardless of the diversity and divide across niches, the ability to understand computer codes should be instilled in the future generation as early as you can. By simply learning an hour of code a day, your child can turn out to be smarter and more tech savvy than the norm, especially in this age and day. If you’re interested to let your child learn how to code, the games we’ve listed are the perfect stepping stones for your child to get started.

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