7 Fun Educational Science Games

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Learning about the sciences may seem unappealing to some children, but with these fun educational science games, your child will be having so much fun that they won't even realize that they are actually learning science! Games Educate Kids - 7 Fun Educational Science Games

The games based on science are the best to make a child learn while it plays. Children love playing the fun games. Every game a child loves will make him or her enjoy it more. All the games are motivating and the child will enjoy playing the fun educational games and will learn more facts with interest.

The following discussed fun educational games are highly interesting and create curiosity in the minds of children. Every child will not only enjoy the game, but will keep learning new facts of life.

#1: Aquabot


Aquabot is about designing remotely operated vehicle (ROV) which will operate under the water based on the principle of buoyancy. The child will learn about neutral buoyancy via educated reasoning. The child will decide about which parts to be used to design ROV which will perform better without any difficulty. The game offers the best techniques which will help a child in understanding the dangers under the water and how to face them. The game also offers bonus points on the performance of the child. The game helps a child to develop his or her problem solving ability.

#2: Socks in Space

Socks in Space

Socks in Space is all about space and child will find it interesting to know more about space - the unknown world around us. The game is full of events and it will teach a child about the life in the space. The child will learn different words relating to the space such aliens, orbits, astronaut and many more. The use of mouse plays an effective role and every child becomes an expert. The game tests the child’s ability to react quickly under unexpected events in the game. The quiz at the end of the game will help in remembering words and the objects.

#3: JumpStart Online

JumpStart Online

JumpStart Online is about how your child will socialize in the world. The game will allow you to have friends from the real world and also from the virtual world. The child can create its own world and visit many locations around and learning more every time. The best part of the game is it gets adjusted according to the level of understanding and interest of the child when he or she goes to another upper level from a lower level. The game makes every child learn while having fun. The game enhances the capability of understanding of the children well.

#4: SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge!

SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge!

SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge! teaches the child about various aspects of the environment. The child has to manage the entire town as a mayor and need to work for the people and the entire town. The game offers responsibility over the child. The child has to show his or her skills of planning and development of the town. Find the ways to reduce the pollution which has impacted over the lives of people. As mayor child has to responsive and alert on taking quick decisions. The game teaches responsibility towards society and the environment. The game will make a child better while facing environmental problems in the future.

#5: Rusty Rivets: Combine It and Design

Rusty Rivets: Combine It and Design

Rusty Rivets: Combine It and Design is about engineering aspects, which a child can learn. The child has to design either race-car or an air-speeder which is a flying car. The child has to know about various parts to be used and also about how to design the car quickly. The child can take the test-ride and drive the car smoothly without having any accidents. The game is useful in teaching the child more about the car and its spare parts which can be recycled and reused. The game is adventurous and interesting.

#6: Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is full of virtual aspects, which make a child learn various skills while playing mini-games. The child can collect the awards in form of Moshlings. The different types of games make allow the child to recognize various shapes, colors and the understanding of numbers. The games like Pizza creator is highly interesting and makes a child know more about food factory. It helps in enhancing the hand and eye coordination as well. Also the games help in learning new words, spelling and words related puzzles. Every child enjoys the set of games. The game is purely based on science and will enhance the learning capacity of the child.

#7: Top Crop

Top Crop

Top Crop is an educational game, which helps a child in learning about sustainability in life. The game offers the real world problems to the child and the ability of the child is tested in solving the problems faced. It also allows children to make use of technology and various tools which help in understanding various aspects of the life. Even the child can learn about farming various farming tools and techniques, which are useful in the future.

The fun educational games make the children interested in the science which has become part of our lives. Every game will teach a child more about the science and the interesting aspects related to our life. Every parent will be happy to see the child's improvement in the studies and also in the life.

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