10 Fun Social Virtual World Games for Kids

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Playing single-player educational games that allow your child to learn about various subjects is great and all, but there are times when your child need to socialize as well. Thus, here is a list of 10 fun social virtual world games that kids are going to love. Games Educate Kids - 10 Fun Social Virtual World Games for Kids

Playing single-player educational games that allow your child to learn about various subjects is great and all, but there are times when your child need to socialize as well. After all, humans are natural social creatures.

Due to this, many developers have come up with social virtual world games that have a fun cartoony appearance and some exciting mini-games within so as to allow kids to meet new friends as they learn and compete (in a friendly manner) with these new friends. It's a great way for shy kids to climb out of their shell and socialize with other kids their age.

Here is a list of 10 fun social virtual world games that your kids are going to love:

(Note: Although they are numbered from 1 to 10, these numbers are not indicative of their "rank". A game that's numbered #1 can be as fun to play as a game numbered at #6)

#1: Franktown Rocks

Franktown Rocks was specially designed for musical kids. Your child can meet new people, make new friends and most exciting of all, create their own tunes and music. This game teaches your kid about basic musical concepts, proper reading, typing and listening skills.

#2: Secret Builders

Secret Builders is an exciting and fun-filled game that allows you to go on quests and challenge other players. Secret Builders is ideal to teach your kid about subjects like Geography, colors, Chemistry, Math, History, Art and spelling words. This game also enhances the child’s social skills and his or her creativity.

#3: Club Penguin

Being one of the (if not THE) most popular social virtual world games there is for kids, Club Penguin is composed of several smaller games and puzzles. It allows your kid to own a pet and care for it. This teaches your child about responsibility. Your child is allowed to decorate his or her own igloo and travel around the virtual world to meet new friends and play games.

#4: Fantage

If you have a tween or a teen at home, Fantage is a better choice than say... Club Penguin due to its the age ranges of its player population. It is a fun-filled game that allows your kid to explore a beautiful and colorful world and meet new friends. On the way, he or she learns about Basic English and math concepts through puzzles and games. This game also teaches about various works of art and about different countries and states of the world.

#5: Webkinz

Children love pets. However, if you happen to live in a place where your family can't own an actual pet, or if you're unsure if your children are responsible enough to actually own a real life pet, you might need Webkinz. Webkinz allows your kid to adopt and name a pet of their own and communicate with them to see how they are doing. The game has several smaller games (a.k.a. mini-games) and puzzles that teach kids about basic computer skills like typing and hand-eye coordination. This game teaches your kid about the value of money as they earn KinzCash in the course of the game.

#6: Animal Jam

What if your child is truly obsessed over animals in general and not only pets? Well, Animal Jam an excellent choice. Animal Jam is a game for kids who are fond of animals. It allows your kid to create and customize their own animal character and communicate with it. In this game, your kid is able to explore the globe and learn about various animal facts through information and videos made by renowned zoologists and marine biologists working for the National Geographic society.

#7: Petra’s Planet

Petra's Planet is fun and educational game lets your kid travel and explore the world and learn about indigenous animals, history, culture, landscape of a specific region through sight, sound and fun games. This game enhances your kid’s knowledge on animals, geography and social studies. It also helps your child enhance his or her cognitive skills.

#8: Moshi Monsters

This amazing game allows your kid to dive into a virtual world filled with fun games and puzzles that will help them enhance their counting & spelling skills and hand-eye coordination. Moshi Monsters allows your kid to decorate their own home and collect adorable little Moshlings. This game has high educational application as it teaches your kid about patterns, colors and shapes, basic mathematics and time.

#9: Sqwishland

Does your child love fantasy games? Well, you can let your child explore the beautiful worlds of Sqwishland, meet other kids, make new friends and play mini-games. This game enhances your child’s reflexes and improves his or her reaction time through fun games like Lala’s Food Fight. The mini-games and puzzles improve your kid’s creativity and social skills as well.

#10: BrainNook

In BrainNook, your child is an alien stranded on Earth. Help your kid explore the planet and play various math and language games to collect stars for their ship. This game will let your kid explore different places and enhance his or her geography, math and language skills.

These are some of the games that will not only help your child learn about various educational subjects, but also have fun in the process. So, if your child is having difficulty learning through the conventional methods, maybe you could let them hop into a social virtual world game instead.

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