Word Girl Face Off

by Adeaphon
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Word Girl Face Off - rate Miss Power is using nasty words to scare people in the city and your child has to use the power of words to stop her. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

Miss Power is using nasty words to scare people in the city and your child has to use the power of words to stop her.

Educational Aspects

Language - To stop Miss Power your child will need to come up with the word that is the Antonym of the one she says. The word that is the opposite and when they do so the narrator will create a sentence that uses those 2 words together so your child can see them in context.

Problem Solving - Though there is a lot of use of language and words the main essence of the game is to solve the problem, especially if some of the words that appear your child may not know. This is there their problem solving and deductive skills can come in to play to work out which is the correct word.

Time - Every aspect of the game during the word battles is on a time, not a clock appearing, but the words from Miss Power move across the screen, and in the power move there is a large object moving across the screen indicating how much time they have left, and speed is needed to complete the stages.

Hand & Eye Coordination - To complete the power move your child will have to click on a flashing star out of a list of five. Each click will add to the defense bar and once that's full the stage is complete. They will need to click in time or the power will hit Word Girl.
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