Umizoomi Shape Bandit

by Adeaphon
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Umizoomi Shape Bandit - rate The Shape Thief is stealing all of the shapes in Umi City and your child will need to help the Umizoomi’s return them by making vehicles to chase the thief in. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects Less Educational Aspects Special Features

Quick Brief

The Shape Bandit is stealing all of the shapes in Umi City and your child will need to help the Umizoomi’s return them by making vehicles to chase the thief in.

Educational Aspects

Shapes - To complete the vehicles your child will need to match the correct item to the whole on the plan. There are multiple different things for your child to choose from, and when they get it right the Umi will tell them what the shape is and sometimes say how many sides or an interesting thing about that shape.

Patterns - Some of the plans have more than 1 part needed, and to get the items in the right place your child will need to understand and recognize the pattern that they need to use.

Vehicles - To capture the bandit your child will need to make several different vehicles and each time the name is given and you can then see them fly, go over water or drive on land.

Listening - All of the instructions for the game are given vocally by the Umizoomi and your child will need to listen to them to know what is going on.

Less Educational Aspects

Confidence BUilding - While not truly an educational feature the way that the Umizoomi’s compliment your child and give positive feedback is really nice, helping to build your childs confidence. If they click on the wrong item or make a mistake there is no negative comment, but motivation to carry on and get the answer correct.

Special Features

Printables - At the end of the game you are able to print out a sheet for your child to color in featuring some of the characters and shapes from the game.
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