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The Coindexter Club 10 rate Let your child learn about the merits of saving while saving the city of Econopolis from the evil Viktor Poluta through this fun virtual world game, The Coindexter Club! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief

Let your child learn about the merits of saving while saving the city of Econopolis from the evil Viktor Poluta through this fun virtual world game, The Coindexter Club!

Educational Aspects

Money -The Coindexter Club will teach your child the value of money by letting them earn their own game cash by completing chores and jobs around the city of Econopolis. Each chore or job is based on a real life activity (though with an added fun spin to it) so they could relate better.

Spending and Saving - In the unique virtual world of Econopolis, your child will get to learn how to manage the money they earn so they could buy the stuff they want without overspending and getting trapped in never-ending loan payments They could even create saving goals so they could finally purchase the items they want.

Saving their money in banks is also an important aspect in the game. Your child will be able to learn about the concept of saving interests and loans, while getting to see their money grow over time.

Your child could also try their hand at investing in the Econopolis Stock Exchange, managing an investment portfolio and making sure to take into account of risks (as well as learning the value of having insurances). There are plenty of other valuable money lessons scattered around the virtual world that your kid can learn too.

Basic Math -To know how to manage money, your kid will first need to have a strong grasp on basic math. There are plenty of mini-games in The Coindexter Club that can help with that.

Business -As your child can manage their own lemonade stand in The Coindexter Club, they can learn some of the nuances of managing a business. Like a tycoon game, your child will need to purchase enough supplies before opening for business. They will also need to mix special lemonades based on recipes and give change back to their customers.

Hand & Eye Coordination -Most of the mini-games in this game require a certain amount of hand and eye coordination since there are a lot of accurate clicking involved. As your child levels up in each mini-game, they will encounter more challenging levels which will really push their skills to the limits.

Observation Skills -Your child may also spot the missing pieces of equipment that Professor Coindexter needs to complete his Time Machine as they explore the beautiful virtual world. Once all the parts are collected, your child will then be able to help the Professor rebuild his machine.

Less Educational Aspects

Creativity -Players will get to change their avatar as they wish, and in this game, there are tons of clothes, hairstyles, accessories and more that they can buy from the virtual stores in Downtown Econopolis.

Not to mention, there’s also a drum set that your child can play and maybe compose music with in the Coindexter Clubhouse.

Socializing -As this is a virtual world game, your child can expect to meet other players in the game. They could make new friends and hang out together in Econopolis.

Special Features

Completely Free to Play - Although the game does offer premium membership, all of the mini-games in this game are free to play.

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New Game Added: The Coindexter Club

by Aethyna Feb 20, 2017
Let your child learn about the merits of saving while saving the city of Econopolis from the evil Viktor Poluta through this fun virtual world game, The Coindexter Club! Delivery Dash mini-game in The Coindexter Club The Coindexter Club: City center Managing a lemonande stand in The Coindexter Club Read More
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