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by Aethyna
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Spell, Write and Read 10 rate Let your kid learn how to spell, write and read with this nifty educational app, Spell Write and Read. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects Special Features

Quick Brief

Let your kid learn how to spell, write and read with this nifty educational app, Spell Write and Read.

Educational Aspects

Vocabulary -By learning to spell, write and read a plethora of new words, your child will be able to expand his/her vocabulary.

Hand & Eye Coordination -The game requires a certain amount of skills when it comes to dragging and dropping letters to the correct positions on the word, as well as using a finger to trace the letters in a word.

Spelling and Reading- Spell, Write and Read spells out every word in the game while allowing your child to spell them out him/herself. The pronunciation of the narrator is accurate so you won’t need to worry that your child will learn to read the words the wrong way.

Special Features

Writing-It’s interesting to note that in Spell, Write and Read, your child will learn how to “write” using their finger. This is a great first step for young kids to learn how a letter is written, but eventually, you may want to switch your child over to using an actual writing tool, be it a pencil, pen or even crayon so they could learn how to hold the tool correctly as well.

Note: Only 1 word category, First Words, is available for free. You’ll need to buy the full game to access the other categories like Animals, Colors and more.

Spell, Write and Read Blog

New Game Added: Spell, Write and Read

by Aethyna Dec 2, 2016
Let your kid learn how to spell, write and read with this nifty educational app, Spell Write and Read. Writing the word "Bee" Many word categories in the game Spelling the word "Car" Read More
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