Rescue the Blue Mermaid

by Adeaphon
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Rescue the Blue Mermaid 10 rate Squidy has kidnapped the Blue Mermaid and the Umizoomi’s and your child need to rescue her by finding the 3 keys. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief

Squidy has kidnapped the Blue Mermaid and the Umizoomi’s and your child need to rescue her by finding the 3 keys.

Educational Aspects

Counting - Throughout the game there will be opportunities for your child to count and see numbers. Not all of the numbers are manageable for a child of this age but many are and you can also help them as they play.

Basic Math - In one of the games your child will need to add up 2 numbers together to get the correct answer to pass the walls. Each question is multiple choice and the characters read out the problem and numbers as they go.

Shapes - To get one of the keys your child will need to match the shapes together based on the note from the mermaid and the different shapes in front of them. The name of the shape is also said by the characters describing what it is.

Problem Solving - As they move across the different places to collect the scales your child will need to work out which path that they want to take. There will also be obstacles in the way such as crabs and jelly fish.

Hand & Eye Coordination - For your child to get to the end they will need to use their coordination skills to match the number or shape that they need. By using the arrow keys they are able to control the robot that collects everything.

Less Educational Aspects

Confidence Building - Throughout the game as they play the characters will tell your child wel done, especially if they get one of the puzzles or problems correct. THis helps to boost your child’s confidence.


Printables - At the end of the game your child will be able to print out a special page with these characters for them to color in.
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