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Pienado - rate There is a Pienado loose at the school and your child will need to use their knowledge of shapes to fix the force fields. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

There is a Pienado loose at the school and your child will need to use their knowledge of shapes to fix the force fields.

Educational Aspects

Shapes - To be able to fix the forcefield your child will need to be able to identify different shapes and see how they fit into the pattern laid out on the screen. By using the mouse they are able to move the shapes anywhere they want.

Pattern Recognition - The first few levels are easy to do but as the game develops the gapes become more complicated and require more shapes. Your child will also need to rotate the shapes to make them fit into the gaps.

Sizes - At the later stages of the game the option to cut the shapes comes in to play and your child will need to adjust the size of some of them to make them fit. Not every shape has to be cut and they will need to work out which ones can be left as they are.

Hand & Eye Coordination - The shapes are moving across the screen and your child will need to click on them to stop them, as well as moving them to where they need to go. To rotate or cut the shape they need to use the mouse and move it in small amounts to get the shapes to the right angle or size.
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