Pacca Alpaca

by Aethyna
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Pacca Alpaca 10 rate Join the adorable Alpaca as he travels around Australia to learn about shapes, numbers and colors! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects Less Educational Aspects Special Features

Quick Brief

Join the adorable and cheerful Alpaca as he travels around Australia to learn about shapes, numbers and colors!

Educational Aspects

Colors -Pacca Alpaca is consisted of a variety of fun yet educational mini-games that teach your child about colors. The best part is that this game provides the educational materials in uniquely entertaining ways. For example, your kid will be asked to match fishes of the same colors together or use the many colors available to paint their mosaics. The names of each colors are taught in a more verbal way as there are no texts provided.

Shapes -Shapes are taught in a similar fashion in this game. Your child will be asked to pick out the same shapes from a screen filled with shapes; build their own ships using various shapes, and even trace the outlines of a number of shapes on their own.

Counting -Counting is another major aspect in Pacca Alpaca. Your child can learn to count up to 10 through a plethora of mini-games, such as counting leaves as your child plucks them from trees so they could feed the lazy koala bear, counting the food at a BBQ grill, helping baby sea turtles to reach the sea while counting them, and more.

Health and Hygiene -Interestingly, there’s a separate mini-game (simply tap on the brush/comb) where your child can help bath, clean and groom the Alpaca. This mini-game is not exactly intended to be educational but indirectly, I believe that this will somewhat teach your child about the importance of hygiene and taking good care of themselves.

Less Educational Aspects

Replayability -The mini-games in Pacca Alpaca can be played multiple times since the challenges presented vary from game to game.

Motivation -Your child will get a souvenir for every mini-game your child completes. The souvenirs are then displayed on the magical merry-go-round on the main screen. These collectibles may serve as a motivator for them to complete all the mini-games.

Special Features

Languages -Pacca Alpaca can be played in 7 different languages, namely English, Mandarin, Arabic, German, Spanish, Welsh and French.

Ad Free -The game is completely ad free.

Pacca Alpaca Blog

New Game Added: Pacca Alpaca

by Aethyna Jun 28, 2017
Join the adorable Alpaca as he travels around Australia to learn about shapes, numbers and colors! Learn about colors through painting mosaics in Pacca Alpaca Pacca Alpaca: Souvenirs Choosing same-colored cars in Pacca Alpaca Read More
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