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Moneyville 10 rate Moneyville teaches your child all about money – how to earn it, spend it, save it and properly manage it for a virtual family. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects Less Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

Moneyville teaches your child all about money – how to earn it, spend it, save it and properly manage it for a virtual family.

Educational Aspects

Money Management -This includes important lessons like how to earn money, how to know the value of an item, how to save money, and how to manage money for an entire family.

  • The concept of “earning money” – The game teaches your child that there are two main ways of earning money, that is by working or by selling things. In this game, your child will also need to work or sell items to earn virtual currency which they can then use to purchase items they want.

  • The concept of “Cheap” vs “Expensive” – By playing the mini-game at the post office, your child will be able to learn the difference between cheap and expensive items without seeing the price. For instance, a diamond ring will always be more expensive than a pencil.

  • Spending money – There are plenty of amazing toys and clothes at the Penny Shop, but your child will need to learn to only spend their hard-earned money on things that they really want.

  • The concept of “saving money” – Earning money can take a while in this game so your child will definitely get to learn how to save their money just so they can buy the items they really want. They can do so by adding the items they want to buy into their Wish Jar.

  • The concept of “money management” for a family – There is a pretty well-made mini-game, which is accessible by solving a simple math question at the bridge, that is designed for older kids. In this game, your child will help a family manage their finances for an entire year, helping them save up enough for a family vacation and yet having enough money at hand for sudden events such as a trip to the doctor’s or to pay off an unexpected bill.

Counting -At the farm, your kid will learn how to count up to 12 as they drag and drop groups of animals into the feeding area. They will then need to count how many bags of feed they need to feed the animals.

Puzzle-solving -There puzzles that your child can solve by visiting various different eras via the time machine. For example, your child can enjoy a jigsaw-puzzle-like game if he or she heads to Rome.

Basic Math -Your child will need to solve a simple math question involving addition in order to access the Family Game after crossing the bridge.

Less Educational Aspects

Fine Motor Skills -At the orchard, your child will need to collect apples that fall from the apple trees before they can turn it into a juice to sell. The game will be over if 3 apples hit the floor. Some apples, especially at the later levels, can fall pretty fast, so your child will need to react quickly.

Creativity -Your child has complete freedom over their avatar and can dress him or her up with any outfit they like. They can buy more clothes at the Penny Shop too. At the time machine, your kid can also spend 1 gold coin to travel to Ancient Egypt, Rome, the Dinosaur Era or to Medieval Europe. Here, your child can have fun decorating the inner walls of a pyramid, solve puzzles, and in general, have some fun!

Motivation - There are plenty of items to buy at Penny’s shop. This serves as a form of motivation for your child to play games and earn enough money to buy the stuff they want.

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New Game Added: Moneyville

by Aethyna Mar 29, 2018
Moneyville teaches your child all about money – how to earn it, spend it, save it and properly manage it for a virtual family. Moneyville: Travel back in time Penny's shop in Moneyville Moneyville: Learning the value of item Read More
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