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Quick Brief Educational Aspects Less Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

Put your child’s mental arithmetic skills to the test with Math & Magic!

Educational Aspects

Basic Math -Math & Magic is suitable for younger kids because it only consists of simple math questions (addition and subtraction). However, the game increases in difficulty if the earlier questions prove to be too easy for your child by providing longer equations or asking your child to calculate in reverse.

Less Educational Aspects

Replay Value -Math & Magic may have a very simple gameplay but what makes it highly replayable is the leaderboards. By banking on the competitive nature of kids, the game offers your child a way to compete with other users of the app, and subsequently encouraging them to further hone their arithmetic skills.

Math & Magic Blog

New Game Added: Math & Magic

by Aethyna Jun 7, 2017
Put your child’s mental arithmetic skills to the test with Math & Magic! Math & Magic: Tougher level Putting in the answer in Math & Magic Math & Magic: Go head to head with various creatures Read More
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