Martha’s Circus Spectacular

by Adeaphon
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Martha’s Circus Spectacular - rate Martha is running a special circus where all her friends are performing tricks and spectacular performances with your child’s help. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

Martha is running a special circus where all her friends are performing tricks and spectacular performances with your child’s help.

Educational Aspects

Counting - There are several mini games that your child can play and in some of them Martha will count out numbers related to the game being played. While many of them are with language and words, there are still count elements for your child.

Language Skills - In each of the different games Martha will use words, and then describe what they mean. The aim of each mini game is for your child to take these words and do an action based on what that word is. Either collecting plates with the correct item or moving a character to follow instructions.

Word Association - In some of the games your child will be given a particular word and then have to associate an item or action with that word. For example the word is Vegetables, and your child will need to collect plates with items like carrots or broccoli on them.

Listening - All of the instructions are given by martha as she task throughout the game, and in different places your child will need to listen to the words being said in able to complete the game.

Hand & Eye Coordination - To complete the tasks in the games your child will be asked to move the mouse in a specific way, or use the arrow keys to move a dog around or through the specific obstacles in their way.
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