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Quick Brief

Dive into the Idea Seeker Universe and join the fight to save Planet Sarillion and the animals!

Educational Aspects

Hand & Eye Coordination -In Kidscom, a majority of the games here require your child to perform some form of hand and eye coordination, whether it is clicking to move, or using the arrow keys on the keyboard to do so. Some games, particularly time management ones, will help your child hone their deftness when using a mouse.

Basic Math -One of the minigames provided in Kidscom, Riley’s Monster Crunch, is a math game that tests your child’s basic math knowledge. This includes questions about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Nature and the Environment -Your kid will get to adopt an adorable Plant Baby Virtual Pet to help him/her to fight the Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos in Kidscom. The plant baby will require attention and care from your child so it’ll stay healthy and happy.

There’s also a virtual garden in this game where your child can plant and grow a variety of crops just so they could use the ingredients harvested to cook up some delicious virtual food. Not to mention, the developers behind the game are huge proponents of climate change and, thus, Kidscom feature a variety of facts, figures and games that are related to the topic.

Less Educational Aspects

Socializing -Kidscom is essentially a social virtual world game and thus, your child can expect to socialize with any other player they met. There are restrictions in place to keep the chat a safe place for your child as well.

There are also teams that your child can join so they can learn about teamwork, especially when taking on a training mission together with their teammates.

Creativity -Your child will have total freedom to decorate their virtual homes and their avatar however they like.

Replay Value -Due to the huge number of games and the many other things that your child can do in the virtual world, Kidscom definitely has plenty of replay value.

Special Features

Safe Chat -As the game’s a social virtual world game, your child will probably be chatting with any other player they meet in the game. Due to this, the game implements 2 types of servers for parents to choose for their kid. The Green server is for the older kids where they can type in the words they want to use as long as the words are not blacklisted in the game’s “Keep it Clean, Keep it Safe” Dictionary.

The other server, the Blue server, is more suitable for younger kids where they are given phrases to choose from rather than to have them to type out the words they want to say.

Role-based Games -At the start of the game, your child can take the “What’s your role?” quiz to determine which of the 6 roles in the Idea Seeker World (Distiller, Diplomat, Scribe, Cloud Hunter, Prophet, and Reminder) they are best suited at. Once a role is obtained, they will then have access to a special Role page where games that are associated to the role is shown in the form of tiles.

Training Missions -Training missions are consisted of a series of surprisingly educational yet challenging tasks that your child can complete, either alone or with their teammates, in order to win some special virtual prize. The missions usually have a fun theme such as the Greeks or Dinosaurs.

Membership -Members in Kidscom will gain perks more virtual points, access to more items, set up your own store, lead teams on Training Missions and others.


Confusing Interface -Kidscom has been around for quite a number of years and admittedly, time might not have been kind to it. The game interface may seem a bit outdated and rather complicated to navigate in, especially for younger kids. There isn’t a good and interactive step-by-step tutorial in Kidscom, so parental supervision and guidance may be necessary.

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Dive into the Idea Seeker Universe and join the fight to save Planet Sarillion and the animals! Visiting the palace in Kidscom Kidscom: Sandwich shop minigame Design your own room in Kidscom Read More
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