Dora's Alphabet Forest Adventure Game

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Dora Alphabet Forest Adventure Game - rate Dora's Alphabet Forest Adventure is a great game to teach your child the letters of the alphabet and the alphabet song, done in such a unique way adventure story, that they will be too busy having fun and not realize they are learning. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief

Dora's Alphabet Forest Adventure is a great game to teach your child the letters of the alphabet and the alphabet song, done in such a unique way that your child will not even realize they are learning. And in true Dora tradition, your child will even pick up some Spanish along the way.

The game is set up like an adventure story. Dora and Boots are reading their alphabet book when a gust of wind comes along and blows all the letters off the page and into Alphabet Forest. Now they'll need your little explorer's help to get the letters back by going to the ABC Tree, over Alphabet River and through Letter Cave. Along the way your child collects stars and letters. When all the letters are collected, Dora and Boots will sing the alphabet.

Educational Aspects

The Alphabet- In this game, your child controls Dora as she moves towards the missing letters of the alphabet. As she collects each, letter, your child is taught the name of the letter. In addition, to retrieve certain letters, your child will have to click on three items that start with that letter, making the more challenging.

Story Telling - This game incorporates a story into it. The game starts like one of Dora's television adventures. A strong wind blew all the letters of the alphabet away and she and Boots must look for them and get them back in order to sing the Alphabet Song. The game then is set up like an adventure.

Spanish - As Dora moves along her adventure she often repeats a word she uses in Spanish as well. For example she says the word star in English and then in Spanish, "estrella." This is a great way to teach your child a language. She also uses words in Spanish without using the English counterparts so that the children can learn from the context.

Up and Down Arrows & Space Bar- To collect letters and stars, your child will have to use the left and right arrow keys to move Dora, and the space bar to make her jump. This is a great way to get your child introduced to the keyboard or have them practice using these keys.

Hand Eye Coordination - By having to maneuver Dora to get each letter of the alphabet, your child learns to coordinate what he sees onscreen with fine motor skills using the up and down arrows and Space Bar on the keyboard.

Music - At the end of the adventure, when all the letters are collected and back in the book, your child can sing along the Alphabet Song with Dora and Boots.

Less Educational Aspects


Special Features

Encouragement- Throughout the game Dora gives the child encouragement by saying "Very Good" but often it is in Spanish, "Muy Bueno" or "Fantastico". This helps to motivate the child.

Levels of Difficulty- This game has different levels of difficult whether it is just finding the letter or having to get it down from the "ABC Tree" by clicking on three words that start with that letter. For younger children this may be more challenging and we recommend that a parent play along with their child.

Extras- At the end of the game, your child is given an option to print out the alphabet coloring page.

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