Detective Elmo: The Cookie Case

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The Cookie Case - rate Your child can help Elmo to find a thief who has stolen a cookie painting, and framed poor Cookie Monster. With detective skills and word games they can find who did it. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects Less Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

Your child can help Elmo to find a thief who has stolen a cookie painting, and framed poor Cookie Monster. With detective skills and word games they can find who did it.

Educational Aspects

Basic Letters- In this game your child will have a letter, and will need to find all of the items that begin with that letter. For example if there is a B they will need to find a Backpack to help them catch the thief.

Timing- The first part of the game will ask your child to make their way across a room where they have to avoid chickens with torches. To do this properly they have to get their timing right and click in the right place before the chickens come back.

Pattern Recognition- To catch the thief your child will have 4 characters to pick from, and they have to find the 3 items that match together on the thief and catch the right person. Each character has similar items but the 3 specific ones must be found before they can complete the game.

Listening- All of the instructions are given by Elmo in the game and he tells you what to do before the game and also talks during it too with what your child will need to do. If you make a mistake in the game he says try again and repeats the instructions.

Less Educational Aspects

Mouse Control- To find the items or move around your child will need to move and click the mouse in the right places. There is no keyboard controls for the game.

Replay Value- There is the option for the kids to replay the game, if they do it will be slightly different. Each time the game changes, either the letter, the thief or where you need to move in the chicken levels.
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