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Creature Mobile - rate It is time to race against Zak and your child can equip their car with special animal bonuses to overcome obstacles and try to win. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

It is time to race against Zak and your child can equip their car with special animal bonuses to overcome obstacles and try to win.

Educational Aspects

Geography - There are lots of different terrain types in the races and your child will be able to see them on the map and look out for special things like snow, lakes or tracks.

Animals - With a selection of different animals your child can equip their car to fly, swim or go faster as needed for the varied tracks that they will come across. Each animal has a special trait and top speed that your child can use when they race.

Planning Ahead - When they see the map your child can try to work out the different things that they will need, if that is swimming, flying or dealing with snow. This gives your child the opportunity to prepare in advance but also test out different combinations.

Reactions - During the races there will be obstacles to overcome or go around and they will need to keep their car within the boundaries of the track. They will also need to activate their animal traits by clicking on them when they are at the right area, for example making the car use its Otter ability in water.

Hand & Eye Coordination - During the races your child will need to use the arrow keys to steer their car and avoid the objects. They also need to use the mouse to switch on the special powers this adds up to needing to use lots of things all at the same time which is good to improve their coordination.
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