Creature Duty

by Adeaphon
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Creature Duty - rate The creatures around the Odd Squad are hungry, and your child can help feed them with their knowledge of shapes and colors. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

The creatures around the Odd Squad are hungry, and your child can help feed them with their knowledge of shapes and colors.

Educational Aspects

Shapes - One of the different requests that your child will have to identify is the shape of the sandwich being provided. Using simple shapes as a base line your child will need to pick the correct one out of the options.

Colors - Another of the options is the color of the bread in the sandwich or cake and your child will need to pick the correct one.

Pattern Recognition - In some of the foods there is a particular item that will need to be chosen, from an Olive to the cherries on top of a cake. In each case there are multiple options for your child to pick from.

Problem Solving - If there is more than 1 animal in a pen each one will have a different request for food. Your child will need to identify the correct one using all of the different requests. It may be that one wants a circle, one wants white and one wants an olive. There will be several food options, but only one of them will fit all of the criteria.

Sharing - In each case if there is more than one animal in a pen the food will have to be divided so that every creature gets the same amount of food. The term sharing is used frequently in the descriptions and your children are congratulated when they work it out correctly.

Percentages - In some cases an item of food will need to be divided by the number of creatures in each pen. There are 3 options available with dividers available into 2, 3 or 4 parts. Your child will need to select and use the right one to make sure the animals get the same amount of food.
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