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Quick Brief Educational Aspects Less Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

Learn how to read and write Chinese in this exciting role-playing adventure!

Educational Aspects

Chinese Language -Through Chiro Heroes, your child will be able to build up their vocabulary. However, they may not understand the words they learn through the app since the definition of the words isn’t provided.

Writing -In the Chinese language, “bi hua” or the order of each stroke is very important. This app provides kids with the most entertaining way to learn how to properly write Chinese characters. A buzzer will sound if the child wrote a word incorrectly and a guide will then pop up to teach him/her the correct way.

Pronunciation -Each word learned is pronounced properly and clearly for your child to follow. Since the Chinese language is a intonation-based language, pronunciation is crucial to convey the correct word.

Note: Although there are no ads, Chiro Heroes does provide you with a full game option that you can buy. By purchasing the full game, you’ll gain access to the entire Primary 1 (for 7-year-olds in Singapore/Malaysia) vocabulary and syllabus, more stages and bosses as well as more unique weapons (since the game requires your child to defeat monsters using the powers of writing) to buy.

Less Educational Aspects

Motivation -Since the game is designed in an RPG fashion, your child may be motivated to play Chiro Heroes and subsequently improve their Chinese writing skills as they set their sights on a shiny new weapon or a new stage they want to unlock.

Chiro Heroes Blog

New Game Added: Chiro Heroes

by Aethyna Jun 14, 2017
Learn how to read and write Chinese in this exciting role-playing adventure! Chiro Heroes: Practice mode Actual battle in Chiro Heroes Chiro Heroes: Learn increasingly difficult words Read More
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