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Barbie Life 9 rate Featuring a huge variety of fun Barbie-themed games, your child will surely have fun being a space cadet or even a super spy in Barbie Life. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief

Featuring a huge variety of fun Barbie-themed games, your child will surely have fun being a space cadet or even a super spy in Barbie Life.

Educational Aspects

Puzzle-solving - In Barbie’s Puzzle Surprise, your child will need to solve a series of jigsaw puzzles and then search that very image for hidden objects. There are 3 levels of play. Each level is more difficult than the previous level.

Hand & Eye Coordination - In Barbie’s Starlight Adventure, your child will get to explore a beautiful universe while collecting crystals and avoiding dangers in space like whirling black holes or asteroids. Barbie’s Starlight Adventure: Hover Board Race also hones your child’s hand & eye coordination to a greater extent since the hover board can be quite tricky to control.

Barbie’s Spy Squad Academy even provides various mini-games like Motorcycle Racing and Laser Sneaking (platform game) that can help improve your child’s hand & eye coordination as well.

Observation Skills - In addition to the hidden object mini-game, Barbie Life also features Barbie Dreamtopia a virtual gameland where your child can have fun finding pairs in the Wispy Forest and spot the difference in Sparkle Mountain.

Reaction - There are also games in Barbie’s Dreamtopia like the endless runner game set on a rainbow roller coaster in Rainbow Cove that will put your child’s reaction time to the test. It’s more like a less challenging and intense Temple Run game.

Shape recognition - Your kid will get to enjoy playing a Tetris-like game in Sweetville in Barbie’s Dreamtopia too. Here, your child will need to drag and drop differently-shaped candies into differently-shaped figures.

Music - In Barbie’s Rock and Royals: Superstar Beats, your child gets to enjoy playing a fun match-3 game which will eventually lead them to a Soundboard mini-game where they can add sounds to the song Barbie and her band is singing in the background.

Less Educational Aspects

Creativity -Barbie Life also features a Photobooth where your kid can create their own beautiful pictures using stickers of Barbie and friends’ avatars or various themed objects, filters and backgrounds. Once done, your child can save the pictures and share them with their friends.

Replay Value -There are plenty of games in Barbie Life and each of these games have many more levels. Not to mention, there is a ton of achievement stickers that your child can obtain and collect.

Special Features

Free Web Series -Your child can watch the latest episodes of the Barbie-themed web series, Dreamtopia, in Barbie Life for free.

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New Game Added: Barbie Life

by Aethyna Jan 4, 2017
Featuring a huge variety of fun Barbie-themed games, your child will surely have fun being a space cadet or even a super spy in Barbie Life. Barbie Life: Jigsaw puzzle Tetris-like puzzle game in Barbie Life Barbie Life: Soundboard in Barbie’s Rock and Royals: Superstar Beats Read More
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