4 Free Educational Games on Android

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Are you looking to find an educational game on your Android device to help your child pass the time while learning at the same time? In this article, we present to you 8 fun educational games on Android that your child can try! Games Educate Kids - 4 Free Educational Games on Android

The world has changed drastically in the last few years or so. People have been relying more and more on their mobile devices for a variety of purposes. Among the major mobile platforms out there, Android is the most commonly used mobile operating system used in the world today mainly because this platform has easy usage and since its user friendly and almost all aspects of the system are free.

As a result of this, app developers are investing more time, money and technical know-how in developing the most usable and suitable apps for their customers on this platform rather than on any other mobile platforms - the AppStore comes a close second. Eventually and especially when more and more kids are spending their time playing mobile games, this has given rise to educational games developed specifically for mobile devices.

Developing mobile games for children is a tricky business and considering the sheer number of educational apps out there, it can be quite overwhelming for a parent to find a suitable game for their child. After all, there are some excellent apps and games that will help them understand various subjects like science, math, social studies, creativity, environment and many more, but they are, more often than not (unless they are published by renowned companies like Disney or Nickelodeon), buried underneath all the other "noise".

Thus, we have taken upon ourselves to select and compile a list of some educational games on Android that will not only help your kid by making the learning process fun, but also allow them to do something useful when they are bored.

#1: Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a game for children who are particularly fond of animals. They are allowed to choose and customize their own animals and their homes called ‘dens’. The children are allowed to explore the world and look for new animals and learn new facts about them through videos. This game will teach children reading skills along with facts about animals.

#2: Roblox

Roblox is a voxel based building simulation game that will help your kid test his or her expanse of creativity. Your kid can engage with various shapes, colors and objects to create new objects or blocks. This game will improve your kid’s hand eye coordination and he or she will have improved observational skills. This game is ideal for enhancing your child’s motivation and creativity.

#3: Madagascar: Math Ops

Madagascar: Math Ops is an ideal game to teach your kids mathematics and basic physics. The Zoosters have been kidnapped by the evil bodyguards and it’s up to your kid to rescue them with help from Madagascar penguins. This game teaches your children basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Sometimes there are combinations of two or more functions. It also teaches your kids about spatial relationships. Overall, this game is ideal to teach your kid basic math.

#4: Words with Friends EDU

Words with Friends EDU is perhaps one of the most suitable games to teach your kids English. This game allows your kid to learn about various English words, their spellings. It also expands their vocabulary and help them take strategic decisions. This fun and educational game created by Zynga is ideal for teaching your kid English in an engaging manner.

So, here are our top 4 picks when it comes to choosing the best and most entertaining educational games on Android. We'll recommend more Android games

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