Educational Games About Nature and the Environment

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It is vital for the children of this generation to know about what is happening to the natural world as we now know it. Hopefully, with an increased awareness and concern for the environment around them by playing these educational games, they will be able to do their part to correct the path and save Mother Earth. Games Educate Kids - Educational Games About Nature and the Environment

The world is suffering from all sorts of issues and difficulties. Starting with the fall in economy and finances to pollution, these problems are degrading the world gradually. People all over the world are looking for ways to make their lives easier. As a result of this, more resources are being exploited. The people have no idea how close the world is to an imminent catastrophe.

The nature and ecosystem are major concerns of today. A lot of time and money is being invested for its safety and conversion. Nevertheless with increase in population, leading to increase in demand, the resources being exploited is increasing. Large scale deforestation is still being carries out in many parts of the world for usable land and natural resources from forests. This is not only indirectly affecting us, but also the ecosystem of the fauna in the world. Due to large scale cutting down of trees, many animals and birds are losing their homes. They have no place to stay peacefully.

People are exploiting the environment for their own needs by compromising the needs of other living things and the future generations. This is a very situation for the world, and the sooner people realize it, the better. Many schemes and protection acts have come up in the past few decades to preserve the ecosystem. The governments of the world have made strict rules against deforestation and poaching. There have been Acts and amendments to reduce the rate of pollution from homes and industries.

It is vital for the children of this generation to know about what is happening to this world. Since they are the future, it is necessary that they attain the requisite knowledge at a young age. The digital world has made this really easy and simple. There are several educational games out there that will teach your kid about the nature and environment.

Here is a list of some of them.

#1: Sketch-a-Mite

Sketch-a-Mite allows your kid to join The Cat in The Hat and learn about the environment. It teaches your kid about termites and how they are one of the best builders in the world. Your kid is taught about various shapes and how to arrange them properly. Since this game allows your kid to make their own shape and build their own tower, it is an ideal test for your child’s creativity.

#2: Paw Patrol Save their Friends

The friends of Paw Patrol are in danger and it’s up to your kid to help save them through completion of various tasks and activities. This game teaches your kid about the nature, the animals and the environment in the bay area. Your child has to overcome various puzzles and obstacles. This enhances your child’s problem solving skills and hand eye coordination. This game also teaches your child about an important life hack called teamwork. Play now!

#3: Build a Biome

As the name suggests, this informative game teaches your kids about various animals and the habitats they live in. Build a Biome gives your child knowledge about various habitats and biomes along with information on animals that live in them. This game is ideally suited to help your kid learn about the environment in his or her own way.

#4: Jungle Jeopardy

Jungle Jeopardy allows your kid to create his or her own ecosystem in the Borneo jungles. Your kid is allowed to place all sorts of plants and animals in the ecosystem of his or her making. This will help your kid learn about geography, various animals and their immediate ecosystem. Since this game is filled with tasks and puzzles, it will enhance your kid’s problem solving skills.

#5: Water Safari

Let your kid explore the Mangrove forests and take pictures of plants and animals and learn about them in this fun and engaging game. Water Safari teaches your kid about various types of plants and animals that live in the Mangroves along with information about nature and the surrounding. Your child’s hand eye coordination is improved drastically as he or she explores the world of Mangrove flora and fauna.

#6: Rescue Ecotopia

The nasty hacker is scaring away all the animals from the forest and it’s up to your kid to bring them back and save the ecosystem in this fun yet educational game, Rescue Ecotopia. Through this game your child will learn about the geography, various types of plants and animals with detailed information on them. This game will also enhance your child’s listening and problem solving traits.

#7: Diego’s Ultimate Rescue

Help Diego rescue the pups of three different animals by letting your kid help him in crossing various obstacles and puzzles and finally getting home in this fun game for kids, Diego’s Ultimate Recue. The 3 animals are from three different habitats. This helps your kid learn about the animals and the habitat they tend to live in. It also enhances your kid’s counting and listening skills.

This ends our list of fun educational games about nature and the environment which you can let your child to play so as to increase their awareness of the importance of the natural world as well as the interaction between us and our environment.

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