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by Aethyna
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Music Maker 10 rate Let your child create a musical band and record their own music with the help of Nick Jr characters. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects Less Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

Let your child create a musical band and record their own music with the help of Nick Jr characters.

Educational Aspects

Music -Your child will get to set up his or her very own band. There are many Nick Jr. characters for them to choose from, each of these characters are using a different musical instrument. There are characters who are singing that your child can recruit to their band as well. Placing the characters in different levels of the stage will result in them playing a different tune.

Once done, your child can record the music they have created and play the music back. Do take note that your child can change the instruments they use, switch the positions of the characters or even remove an instrument while recording, allowing them to come up with entirely unique musical compositions.

Less Educational Aspects

Creativity -Although the tunes that the characters play are fixed, the different way your child can mix and match the Nick Jr. friends will allow for their creativity to run wild. Seriously, their musical compositions might just surprise you!

Replay Value -Due to the incredible amount of customization available, your child will definitely have a fun time trying out each instrument and creating multiple musical compositions.

Music Maker Blog

New Game Added: Music Maker

by Aethyna Jun 24, 2016
Let your child create a musical band and record their own music with the help of Nick Jr characters. Hawaiian drums A full band Record your child's music Read More
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