Pocoyo First Words

by Aethyna
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Pocoyo First Words 7 rate Let your preschooler learn their first words with the adorable Pocoyo! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Quick Brief Educational Aspects

Quick Brief

Let your preschooler learn their first words with the adorable Pocoyo!

Educational Aspects

English Language -Pocoyo First Words is an educational app that teaches your child some simple English words. The app doesn’t offer other languages.

Pattern Matching -Your preschooler will need to drag and drop the word stamps they get to the matching shadow pattern on the sticker book.

Vocabulary -There are tons of common English words your kid can learn through Pocoyo First Words. Thus, by playing this app, your child will be able to increase their vocabulary.

The Alphabet and Spelling -Although the app is not specifically designed for alphabet-learning, you can still make use of the app’s letter-by-letter approach to teaching your child how to spell a new word and help your kid reinforced their knowledge of the alphabet.

Hand and Eye CoordinationIn a segment of the learning process, your kid will be required to spell out words by tracing each letter in the word using their finger. This will help hone your child’s hand and eye coordination.

Phonics -Each letter and word is correctly pronounced in this app. This allows your child to indirectly learn the phonics of each letter and word by mimicking the narrator.

Note: Your child will get 4 new free word stamps every day, but if you prefer not to wait, you can spend real money to buy 4 random word stamps. There’s also a concern about the app’s ads system. The free version has full-screen ads that will pop up after every word your child plays. If your child is playing this app without supervision, your kid may accidentally tap on the ads.

Pocoyo First Words Blog

New Game Added: Pocoyo First Words

by Aethyna Apr 9, 2017
Let your preschooler learn their first words with the adorable Pocoyo! Learning to write with Pocoyo First Words Pocoyo First Words: Placing word stamps on the sticker book Adorable pictures to match the words in Pocoyo First Words Read More
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