PaGamo: Gamify Your Classroom

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The traditional classroom setting is getting more and more obsolete especially with the rapid advancement of internet-based educational mediums. Today, we'll take a look at PaGamo which aims to gamify classrooms worldwide. Games Educate Kids - PaGamo: Gamify Your Classroom

Educational gaming is not a new concept. For decades, educators have stressed on the importance of including games to enhance skills of the students. Additionally, it has been found that students who are taught using games have more attention span and retentiveness in their course, than those taught in the traditional methods.

Ways to Gamify Your Classroom

Elements of gaming can be used as a tool for measurement of educational progress in several ways. Some of the most common ways are mentioned below.

• Progression – Teachers can see how much students have progressed in the coursework, through the progress in the game
• Achievements – On completion of a certain level of the game, students can be proud of their achievements
• Collaboration – Students can collaborate with fellow peers to complete a level of the game. This stresses the point of teamwork in students’ minds.
• Discovery – Students can navigate through the learning environment and uncover pockets of knowledge.
• Synthesis – Students can work on challenges that require multiple skills to solve

Benefits of Gamification

Now that you know about the ways in which you can include gamification in your classroom, let’s take a look at the benefits of gamification.

• Boosts productivity
• Encourages participation
• Stimulating and challenging
• Effortless learning which engages the whole brain
• Allows students to make mistake
• Helps in better retention of study materials

PaGamo: The New Way of Gamifying

So, what is PaGamo? Available on Android and on iOS, it is an online educational gaming platform for students. In PaGamo, players enter a fantasy world and they need to answer public or private quizzes. With the help of correct answer in the quizzes, they can gain territories that include exotic islands and attractive locations. However, if they answer the quiz incorrectly, they lose a certain part of their owned land, depending on the number of wrong questions. In PaGamo, each student requires a license, which is only available annually.

Complete quizzes and conquer new territories in PaGamo

As mentioned previously PaGamo is an online gaming platform, which helps the students to learn in an interesting way. It is designed to increase student engagement in learning. In the fantasy land students can gain additional territories by answering correctly. The amount of territory won corresponds to the correct answers in the game.

Teachers have the option to create private quizzes for students. However, students can also answer the public quizzes, which come as a part of the game. The results of the quizzes help both the students and teachers to understand where the student needs improvement.

How PaGamo Works

Students need to create a profile on PaGamo. Once that is done, he/she has access to both private and public quizzes, and can even create one. A player needs to choose his/her avatar, with a unique skill. Then the player would enter the fantasy land, which resembles islands in the sea. Each island is composed of a cluster of hexagons that represent a territory. When a player clicks on a hexagon to attack the next territory, he/she is give a question. After submitting the answer, the player is show the result. If he is correct he gains a territory, while if he is wrong, he loses it.

At the same time, the teachers also receive the results in their respective Teacher Console. In the Teacher Console, teachers have the options to vary the difficult level of a quiz. The teacher can also assign each level to groups of students in different stages of learning or proficiency levels. Teachers can also choose to make the quizzes public or private based on their requirements.

Pros of PaGamo

Just like any other educational games, the PaGamo platform also has some pros and cons. Let’s have a look at the pros

• Easy to use interface for students
• Each student knows immediately if he/she has answered correctly
• Easier for teachers to collect information
• Teachers can create public or private quizzes based on the students’ proficiency level

Cons of PaGamo

As with other games, PaGamo has some disadvantages as well. Let’s have a look at that

• PaGamo requires internet to operate. So, if there is an internet error, then students will not be able to complete the quizzes and make progress.
• PaGamo is not free. It requires a per student annual license.
• Since PaGamo doesn’t come with a monthly option, teachers/students might not be able to test the service before they opt for annual subscription

Price of PaGamo

You can try PaGamo for free for a limited time. However, if you want to use the app further, you'll need to buy a license. The license can cost anywhere between $12 to $6.50 per student annually.

So, now that you know about the importance of gamifying your classroom, you should give it a try. If you are a teacher, it never hurts to check out new methods of teaching. However, if you are a student or a parent, you can talk to your teacher or your child's teacher about the possibility of gamifying their classrooms and how apps like PaGamo can help.

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