Osmo: Educational Games Beyond the Screen

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Over the years, thousands of educational and interactive games have been developed that help the kids to learn in a fun and engaging way. With Osmo though, learning becomes something else altogether. Games Educate Kids - Osmo: Educational Games Beyond the Screen

The main aim of technology is not just to make life simpler, but also to make it a lot more interactive and engaging. Over the years, specialists and scientists have tried to develop devices to merge real and virtual life. They have tried to link the two so that they share an intimate connection and work symbiotically. This has led to development of VR Devices, thousands of virtual reality forums and most importantly Artificial Intelligence. If a calculator can undertake a huge division within a Nano second, imagine what an electronic think tank can do. No, this does not necessarily imply the onset of terminators, but it sure does project human civilization into the distant future.

When it comes to making developments, one has to start from the grass root level. This does not just consider the technological basis, but the societal basis as well. Children of today are the light bearers of tomorrow. They may not know it now, but they have a huge burden looming over their shoulders. It is up to this generation to prepare the minds of the next generation, and what better way is there than the digital realm itself. Over the years, thousands of educational and interactive games have been developed that help the kids to learn in a fun and engaging way. With Osmo though, learning becomes something else altogether.

What is OSMO?

An Osmo Game System is a form of iPad accessory that comes with a stand, a camera attachment and some special games imbibed in them. The quality is superior and attractive and the design is very unique. It will grab your and your kid’s attention as soon as you unbox it. The Osmo Starter Kit comes with a plastic base that can hold your iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini, Mini 2, Air, and Air 2 in portrait orientation. There is a red reflector that has to be placed over the camera so that it is able to track and visualize the area in front of the user.

Osmo: Educational Games Beyond the Screen

There are two basic games that come along with the Starter Kit: Words and Tangram. The stand and the games come in different boxes each sealed magnetically. It is provided with an instruction manual that will help you and your kid create an account and download these games along with two others namely- Newton and Masterpiece.

It takes a little while for setting up the whole system and downloading the games. Once it’s finished though, the Osmo is rather difficult to put down.

Games in Osmo

The main purpose of the Osmo gaming device is to nullify the barriers between the physical world and the virtual world. This makes the whole system a lot more interactive and engaging. Once you’ve set the Osmo up for your kid, go ahead and install the first four games that come with the starter kit- Tangram, Words, Newton and Masterpiece. Each game is unique and will inherently attract your and your child’s attention in no time.

Words- A certain image is displayed on the screen and you have to guess and spell the name of the object as fast as possible. You can upload your very own images or download various contents that include subjects of geography, history, science and other aspects. Let your kid compete with his or her friends and see who finishes the word first. The educational prospect of this game is diverse. You can buy it at a meager price of $29.

Tangram- This is a puzzle game where your kid has to arrange wooden puzzle pieces according to the image provided on the screen. It can be a shape, an animal, an object or anything for that matter. This game will not only spark your kid’s enthusiasm, but also enhance his/her creativity. You can buy it individually for $29.

Newton- This is a very unique game where you got to place an object on the base of the Osmo and manipulate it so that the falling balls get into the target zones. You can place anything in front of the screen, whether it’s your grandma’s drawer keys or just a marker. Newton will keep your kid engaged for hours.

Osmo's Masterpiece

Masterpiece- This game lets your kid unleash his/her inner artist. You just have to capture an object with the camera or preload it from the gallery or the internet and Masterpiece will convert it into an easy to follow lines and ultimately a beautiful image.

There are other fun games like Monsters where whatever you draw becomes a real life animation on screen; there are games like Numbers and Coding that will teach your child basic math and develop his/her cognitive thinking. Pizza Co. is another game of Osmo that lets your child cook, invest, and sell to turn a profit.

There are three basic kits available at present- The Explorer Kit at $150.20; The Wonder Kit at $116 and The Genius Kit at $79.20.

Don’t think twice. When it comes to securing your child’s future and letting him or her learn about various subjects in a much better way, there is no better option in the market today. Osmo will make your kid smarter, creative, progressive and future-ready.

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