5 Educational Word Games For Kids

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Word games have been proven to help a child to improve his or her vocabulary in addition to spelling. Here are 5 educational word games that we recommend! Games Educate Kids - 5 Educational Word Games For Kids

Word games have been proven to help a child to improve his or her vocabulary in addition to spelling. Here are 5 educational word games that we recommend!

Word Girl Face Off

Word Girl Face Off is a wonderful game, and it’s not just for girls either. This game is for anyone in elementary school. The ranges of 3rd grade to 6th grade would be most appropriate. In this game, the student will have to use words as combat. A villain is hurting people with bad words. These words can be arrogant, hateful, and more. The player will have to counter these bad words with good words. Some of these good words can be happy, joyful, and more.

This game helps kids learn many different words that are not used every single day. Additionally, children will learn that they can solve problems with words. This will stop a child from traditional thinking that physical action is the only thing that can solve a problem.

Golden Crown Spelling Bee

Golden Crown Spelling Bee is a game that has been made exclusively for those in kindergarten. This game is run by a princess that will be intriguing to both boys and girls. This is also a fun game that can be played inside of school as well as outside of school. In this game, the princess is the instructor. She will guide your child to the answer by giving them clues. Every time your child gets an answer right, they will receive a gem. After so many gems, the child will receive a crown.

What’s special about this game is that it will teach your child new words in a fun way. Your child will subconsciously learn new words while having fun. Furthermore, there are several levels to this game. This means your child will be able to grow as he/she gets more gems and more crowns. Most importantly, he/she will be learning new words.

Moshi Monster's spelling game

Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is a game that has been created for those in kindergarten through 3rd grade. What is raved about most regarding this game are the graphics. Your child will step into another world when they play this game. They essentially are the character. They have to build their world and live life as if in the real world. During this process, they learn many different skills such as: counting, decorating, patience, color coordination, and so much more.

When your child finishes a task, they will be able to win different prizes within the game. The prizes are really cool, and they can use some of these prizes to decorate their virtual home. You are going to be surprised when you discover all of the little nuggets of education that go along with this game. Even better, many of the educational nuggets learned in this game can be used forever.

Pora Ora: Spellfire

Pora Ora: Spellfire is another interesting game. This game was created with elementary students in mind. A good age range would be 2nd grade through 4th grade. Your child will need to spell specific words that will lead their character through all of the levels they encounter. If successful, your child’s character will compete with the spell-fire champion. Defeating the champion means your child has won the game. When your child needs to spell a word, clues are given to him/her in the form of a crossword puzzle.

Your child will not only learn the spelling of new words, but they will also learn a variety of problem solving skills, too. Additionally, this game comes with many features as a modern video game. These include speed, taking cover, and more. Your child will have a blast with this game!


BrainNook is a fun game that will catch the interest of those in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Your child has the opportunity to be an alien on earth. They will come into contact with various objects and words. Every time they discover a new word or object, they will earn stars to place on their spaceship.

Your child will learn a lot about the world they live in when playing this game. Your child will also learn things like: getting along with others, why certain words are given to certain objects, and so much more.

The five games presented here will be great for any parent or teacher that wants to see their child(children) succeed. If you guardians or teachers so desire, you all can play any of these games right now online. This way you can check the games out for yourselves before letting your children play them. This will also be a great way to relate to your children.

In the recent past, children whom have played these games are now showing an increase in their spelling and reading. There is something special for every child in every one of these games. The best thing about it: these games are fun for the entire family.

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