What is Homeschooling?

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The term Homeschooling has been around for a while, but what is it and do many parents actually take part? Games Educate Kids - What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is pretty much what you think it is, educating your children at home rather than putting them into a public or private school. But there is much more to it that that simple statement and in this article we will bring you more information on this topic, and discuss some of the pros and cons.

In essence the idea is to give your child a full education from the comfort of your own home. There are many reasons that parents choose to do this, from not trusting the local systems to religious beliefs. Studies have shown that more and more parents are taking advantage of Homeschooling but the numbers are still quite low on a global scale.

The thought of educating your child at home is a nice one, you can control what they learn and their influences and you can tailor their education to what they like or are good at. However finding the materials to teach, finding the time to do so for enough hours and deciding exactly what to teach can all be quite difficult.

There are resources online and packages available that have entire curriculum's and the relevant tests for each subject. There are a few different versions of these available and they each have their own unique methods for teaching your children. One of the biggest stumbling blocks you may find is the cost of these as they can cover the entire span of what would be school years for children.


Another thing to take into account is the amount of dedication you need, both as the parent and your children to stick to the courses and time required. Just like in a real school environment there needs to be a structure to the education and a minimum amount of time spent learning. This does require some planning and discipline on both sides but when it works it can be a good tool and have a lot of value.

One of the biggest concerns around educating at home is the amount of social interaction the children get. Not being in a class full of other students can feel limiting and reduce the number of friends a child can have. Though it is worth remembering that many of a child’s friends will not be in the same school or classes, as there is a lot of interaction outside of the classroom, both locally and at events, summer camps and the like held all over the country.

Recently a lot of research has been put into the development of kids educated outside of school, and how they are as an adult. Results seem to be a little mixed but they tend to show that those Home schooled can be more stable and well adjusted in comparison to those that go through the education system. While there is nothing conclusive the social development of being taught at home is a big factor.

In the end the decision to home school is one that can not be taken lightly and requires a lot of thought and some research on your own part. Both to find the materials and resources you need but to also look into the larger developmental issues such as social interaction. It is nice to have the option should you feel you want to educate your children yourself, and there is a growing trend to do so too.

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