Mar 8, 2018 by Aethyna

Roblox's Egg Hunt 2018, The Great Yolktales, is Coming Soon!

If you loved last year's Egg Hunt event, you'll definitely want to stick around for this year's upcoming Egg Hunt! Roblox's Egg Hunt 2018, The Great Yolktales, is Coming Soon!

The Egg Hunts in Roblox have always been massive events which draw players both old and new to it. Last year's Egg Hunt had been a truly momentous one mainly because, in the years leading up to 2017, most players are simply allowed to spend their Robux to "buy" a collectible Easter egg rather than actually working their butts off to find and obtain it. It's a really nice change of events where "premium" doesn't immediately get you the reward; instead, it only helps you, by giving you some perks, to get the rewards easier or faster.

Hopefully, this year's Egg Hunt, dubbed as The Great Yolktales, is just about as amazing as last year's... if not even more so! After all, with 45 unique eggs to collect, tons of puzzles to solve, and plenty of virtual hats to obtain, the Great Yolktales is sure gearing up to be one incredible egg-crazed journey!

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