Eco: An Educational Global Survival Game

by Aethyna Oct 26, 2016
Learn about how every resource we take from the environment has a huge impact on the land and its surrounding regions as well as the animals that live on these locations. Eco: An Educational Global Survival Game Read More

New Game Added: Kids ABC Letter Trains

by Aethyna Oct 19, 2016
Your toddler can learn about the alphabet in a fun way with Kids ABC Letter Train! Kids ABC Letter Trains: Building railways Tracing alphabets in Kids ABC Letter Trains Kids ABC Letter Trains: Collect badges Read More

New Game Added: Bud's First Words

by Aethyna Oct 19, 2016
Let your kids expand their vocabulary by learning new words for various everyday situations with an adorable little boy called Bud. Learn mode in the Classroom More than 10 everyday situations on offer in Bud's First Words Bud's First Words: Play mode Read More

New Game Added: Hello Kitty All Games for Kids

by Aethyna Oct 11, 2016
Your child can join the adorable Hello Kitty as she travels around town to help the townsfolk and play with her friends. Choosing the shortest path Playing volleyball Counting fruits Read More

New Game Added: Learn English with Barney

by Aethyna Oct 11, 2016
Let your child expand their English vocabulary by learning about numbers, colors, animals, fruits and more with the affable Barney the purple dinosaur! Learn animals' names in Learn English with Barney Learn English with Barney: Choose the correct number Pick the correct animal in Learn English with Barney Read More

New Game Added: Caillou Search & Count

by Aethyna Oct 6, 2016
Caillou needs your child’s help! Lend him a hand and find all the items that he has lost. Item found in Caillou Search & Count Caillou Search & Count: Learning numbers Linking numbers to form a picture Read More

New Game Added: Math Blaster: Hyperblast 2

by Aethyna Sep 28, 2016
In Math Blaster: Hyperblast 2, your child will be able to dodge obstacles, collect shields and blast his/her way through hordes of alien robots while solving math problems of varying degrees of difficulty. Collecting shields in Math Blaster: Hyperblast 2 Math Blaster: Hyperblast 2: Tougher boss robot Customizing your rider in Math Blaster: Hyperblast 2 Read More

New Game Added: Starfall

by Aethyna Sep 28, 2016
Starfall is a game app that contains a myriad of educational mini-games, which range from teaching about the alphabets to some basic math and counting, as well as a plethora of exciting stories, fun rhymes and entertaining sing-alongs that your child would love. Shapes in Starfall Starfall: Special pumpkin carving event Measurement in Starfall Read More

New Game Added: JumpStart Pet Rescue

by Aethyna Sep 26, 2016
Let your child dive into the wondrous world of Jumpstart and help the Jumpstart crew rescue the pets that have mysteriously disappeared! The arthouse in JumpStart Pet Rescue JumpStart Pet Rescue: Follow the alphabet Monkey Drop in JumpStart Pet Rescue Read More

New Article Added: What can Educational Games Learn from Pokemon GO?

by shilpa Sep 26, 2016
The success that Pokemon GO has been enjoying is incredible... so incredible in fact that it is possible for educational games to take a page, so to speak, out of Pokemon GO's book. What can Educational Games Learn from Pokemon GO? preview image Read More
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