New Article Added: 10 Fun Games for Preschoolers

by shilpa May 19, 2016
To aid you in your quest to find games for your child, here is a list of 10 fun games you should definitely let the preschoolers at home enjoy. 10 Fun Games for Preschoolers preview image Read More

New Game Added: Purple Monkey Rescue

by Aethyna Aug 28, 2015
Team Uni Zumi's friend, the purple monkey, has end up at the top of the building, and your child can help rescue him with their math skills. Find the number More than Addition Read More

New Game Added: Socks in Space

by Aethyna Oct 4, 2015
Martha and her owner is exploring space but something knocked their socks off. Help them collect their socks while avoiding obstacles along the way. Learn space terms in Socks in Space Socks in Space: Collect socks, and avoid aliens and asteroids Martha's Space Challenge in Socks in Space Read More

New Game Added: Mummy Museum Mayhem

by Aethyna Sep 6, 2015
The Mask of the Pharo has been stolen and your child needs to help get it back before the mummies take over the museum. Collect footprints in Mummy Museum Mayhem Mummy Museum Mayhem: Banish dancing mummies Fresh Beat Band of Spies in Mummy Museum Mayhem Read More

New Game Added: Deep Sea Follow Me

by Aethyna Oct 11, 2015
The fishes need to find a new home, and with help from your child and the Cat in A Hat, they will be able to find the fishes a suitable home among the coral reefs. Finding a home for the fishes in Deep Sea Follow Me Deep Sea Follow Me: Spot the hermit crab Used the hint in Deep Sea Follow Me Read More

New Game Added: Wallykazam Magic Word Hunt

by Aethyna Apr 21, 2015
Help Wally and his trusty dragon companion, Norbert, find all the magic words and Norbert’s treats in this fun word adventure! Sparkles in Wallykazam Magic Word Hunt Wallykazam Magic Word Hunt: Found a word Finding treats for Norbert in Wallykazam Magic Word Hunt Read More

New Article Added: Search the Internet Safely with Kiddle

by Aethyna Apr 28, 2016
Protect your children from the incessant ads and unsuitable content or websites on the internet by using this amazing kid-safe search engine, Kiddle! Search the Internet Safely with Kiddle preview image Read More

New Game Added: Franktown Rocks

by Aethyna Feb 11, 2015
Meet new people, make new friends, and best of all, create your own tunes in this fun multiplayer online game, Franktown Rocks!
Franktown Rocks Word Game Guitar Game in Franktown Rocks Franktown Rocks Music Shop Read More

New Game Added: Howrse

by Aethyna Apr 28, 2016
Your child will be able to manage their very own stable and tend to the needs of the beautiful horses under their care in Howrse. A beautiful horse in Howrse Howrse: Horses in front of stables Caring for your foal in Howrse Read More

New Game Added: Secret Builders

Feb 12, 2015
Take on quests, challenge players to games and learn new things in this exciting and fun-filled virtual world game, Secret Builders! Secret Builders Lessons Art Gallery in Secret Builders Secret Builders Soduku Read More
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