New Game Added: Maze Mania

by Aethyna Sep 27, 2015
The greedy Butcher is robbing the bank. Your child needs to help Wordgirl fly through the maze of word clouds, so she can stop him before he gets away. Maze Mania Tough Level The Butcher in Maze Mania Maze Mania Chasing Words Read More

New Game Added: Leafy Lafoo

by Adeaphon Sep 27, 2015
There is a fun new machine where you child can make their own leaf shape and then play fun collection games in this creative experience with the Cat in the Hat. Leafy Lafoo Coloring In Leaf Designing in Leafy Lafoo Leafy Lafoo Sorting Read More

New Game Added: Umi Grand Prix

by Adeaphon Sep 24, 2015
Shark Car and Umi Car are racing in the Grand Prix, and your child can help them collect flags and win with their math skills. Umi Grand Prix Number Ramps Beach in Umi Grand Prix Umi Grand Prix Lowest Number Read More

New Game Added: Firefighters

by Adeaphon Sep 24, 2015
There is a fire downtown and your child can help the Nick Jr Firefighters make a rescue and save the day. Firefighters Animal Rescue Shapes in Firefighters Firefighters Collecting Gear Read More

New Game Added: Escape from Greasy World

by Aethyna Sep 20, 2015
Professor Fizzy has been kidnapped and your child needs to use their skills to find him in the theme park, Greasy World. Escape from Greasy World Volume Weights in Escape from Greasy World Escape from Greasy World Sorting Read More

New Game Added: Pirate Waters Board Games: Action Verbs

by Aethyna Sep 7, 2015
Your child will be able to practice associating various action verbs to the correct nouns while trying to get to the pirate’s treasure at the end. Pirate Board Games: Action Verbs Map Question in Pirate Board Games: Action Verbs Pirate Board Games: Action Verbs Multiple Choice Read More

New Game Added: Mummy Museum Mayhem

by Aethyna Sep 6, 2015
The Mask of the Pharo has been stolen and your child needs to help get it back before the mummies take over the museum. Collect footprints in Mummy Museum Mayhem Mummy Museum Mayhem: Banish dancing mummies Fresh Beat Band of Spies in Mummy Museum Mayhem Read More

New Game Added: Secret Agent George

by Aethyna Sep 3, 2015
Curious George likes to pretend to be a secret agent. He has been sent to the shops for some items and your child can help him have fun shopping. Secret Agent Avoiding Obstacles Sneaking in Secret Agent Secret Agent Choosing Objects Read More

New Game Added: Creature Feature

by Adeaphon Sep 1, 2015
Fang needs co stars for his next video and Sci Girl is looking for new animals to be in the movie, and your child can help find those animals in the local area.
Creature Feature Daytime Search Hidden Animal in Creature Feature Creature Feature Found Animal Read More

New Game Added: Purple Monkey Rescue

by Aethyna Aug 28, 2015
Team Uni Zumi's friend, the purple monkey, has end up at the top of the building, and your child can help rescue him with their math skills. Find the number More than Addition Read More
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