New Game Added: Fizzy's Lunch Lab Super Market Mania

Feb 26, 2015
Based on the lessons of Fizzy's Lunch Lab, Super Market Mania is a fun game for your older elementary school child that teaches nutrition in a fun interactive virtual board game, set in a super market. Super Market Mania Pick a Character Interactive Board Game Super Market Mania Super Market Mania Keep the Junk Food Away Read More

Welcome to GEK, Games Educate Kids!

Feb 17, 2015
Games Educate Kids is the one place online that aggregates and reviews all the interactive educational games targeted to kids, in one easy to use organized site.
Online Games and Kids Read More

New Game Added: Webbli World

Feb 12, 2015
We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Webbli World here: Webbli World News Desk Planets in Webbli World Webbli World Observatory Read More

New Game Added: Herotopia

Feb 11, 2015
Your child can become a superhero in a world where the villains leave mess on the streets and bully other kids. As a hero your kid’s stand up to them, clean up the city and play educational games too. Herotopia New York Tower Geography Game in Herotopia Herotopia Random Fact Read More

New Game Added: Club Penguin

Jan 13, 2015
Club Penguin is a fun place where your child can play a lot of different games, own pet’s and decorate their own igloo too. Children can explore the world with their pet puffle and discover games and new friends. Club Penguin Puffles Club Penguin Igloo Town in Club Penguin Read More

New Game Added: Animal Jam

Dec 26, 2014
Animal Jam is a an online playground for kids that love animals. Children create and customize their own animal characters. By exploring the globe,children stumble upon educational features like animal facts and animal related videos.

Animal Jam Koala Animal Jam Giraffe Animal Jam Pony Read More

New Game Added: Petra's Planet

Nov 20, 2014
Petra is a virtual world game that takes your child on adventures around the world where they discover different regions, cultures, indigenous animals and landscapes through sight, sound and a variety of educational games.
Petras Planet Explored World Travel The Regions of Petra's Planet Read More

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