New Game Added: Kite Building Adventure

by Aethyna Oct 11, 2015
Oh no, the wind is blowing all the kites apart! Your child can help Team Umizoomi put the kites back together before the kite festival begins. Collecting shapes in Kite Building Adventure Kite building Adventure: Completing patterns Build your own kites in Kite Building Adventure Read More

New Game Added: Supermarket Mania

by Aethyna Oct 11, 2015
Help fill Professor Fizzy’s shopping list up by using your child’s comparing and matching skills, while discovering lots of interesting food facts along the way. Picking a character in Supermarket Mania Supermarket Mania: Comparing food labels Shopping for Prof Fizzy in Supermarket Mania Read More

New Game Added: Deep Sea Follow Me

by Aethyna Oct 11, 2015
The fishes need to find a new home, and with help from your child and the Cat in A Hat, they will be able to find the fishes a suitable home among the coral reefs. Finding a home for the fishes in Deep Sea Follow Me Deep Sea Follow Me: Spot the hermit crab Used the hint in Deep Sea Follow Me Read More

New Game Added: Magic Word Adventure

by Aethyna Oct 11, 2015
The special star on DJ Lance’s favorite hat broke and fell into Gabba land. With the help of various characters in Gabba land, your child will need to collect all the pieces of the star and return them to DJ Lance. Magic Word Adventure: Collect letters Getting the star piece in Magic Word Adventure Choose a friend in Magic Word Adventure Read More

New Game Added: Dragon Princess

by Aethyna Oct 4, 2015
Your child can create their own Dragon Princess movie with the help of the magical twin sister genies, Shimmer and Shine! Princess castle in Dragon Princess Dragon Princess: Clear stinky dragon breath Collect dragon treats in Dragon Princess Read More

New Game Added: Socks in Space

by Aethyna Oct 4, 2015
Martha and her owner is exploring space but something knocked their socks off. Help them collect their socks while avoiding obstacles along the way. Learn space terms in Socks in Space Socks in Space: Collect socks, and avoid aliens and asteroids Martha's Space Challenge in Socks in Space Read More

New Game Added: Aquabot

by Aethyna Oct 4, 2015
Oh no! When Jake was trying to show Scigirl his grandpa’s champion football ring, the ring fell into the huge fish tank at the marine center. Can your child help him retrieve his ring? The buoyancy testing tank in Aquabot Aquabot: Decorating your ROV Searching for Jake's ring in Aquabot Read More

New Game Added: Maze Mania

by Aethyna Sep 27, 2015
The greedy Butcher is robbing the bank. Your child needs to help Wordgirl fly through the maze of word clouds, so she can stop him before he gets away. Maze Mania Tough Level The Butcher in Maze Mania Maze Mania Chasing Words Read More

New Game Added: Leafy Lafoo

by Adeaphon Sep 27, 2015
There is a fun new machine where you child can make their own leaf shape and then play fun collection games in this creative experience with the Cat in the Hat. Leafy Lafoo Coloring In Leaf Designing in Leafy Lafoo Leafy Lafoo Sorting Read More

New Game Added: Umi Grand Prix

by Adeaphon Sep 24, 2015
Shark Car and Umi Car are racing in the Grand Prix, and your child can help them collect flags and win with their math skills. Umi Grand Prix Number Ramps Beach in Umi Grand Prix Umi Grand Prix Lowest Number Read More
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