WildWorks: Fun with Substance

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When it comes to educational virtual world games, there is none other game more popular among parents and children alike than Animal Jam... and like every successful person, this game is supported by a team of amazingly creative people who make up WildWorks. Who they are and what do they stand for? Find out by reading on! Games Educate Kids - WildWorks: Fun with Substance

When it comes to educational virtual world games, there is none other game more popular among parents and children alike than Animal Jam... and like every successful person, this successful game is supported by a team of amazingly creative and innovative people from a company called WildWorks.

WildWorks was developed with a similar goal of helping kids and their families learn in a fun and engaging manner and this goal of theirs is evident in every one of their games. Interested to find out more about the company that has created the game that your child love so much? Well, do read on!

Who They Are

WildWorks, formerly known as Smart Bomb Interactive, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, is a game development studio with an eye in developing and publishing child-friendly games.

Formed in the year 2003, it started out initially as a work-for-hire for large game publishers like Bandai Namco and Activision. They produce games for all platforms including consoles, PCs and handheld devices. After a period, WildWorks concentrated all its resources and man-power towards developing games for kids and children.

The company aimed at making the process of education a lot more entertaining by introducing games that would not only have your kid engaged but also help him/her learn various subjects.

How They Operate

There are over a hundred game developing companies spread throughout the United States of America, but very few actually produce an effect on the society. WildWorks is a name in that tiny little list of companies. The company is way more interactive in comparison to other contenders and ensures that users receive the optimum output.

The company has assembled some of the best and internationally acclaimed Artists, coders, game designers, educators, programming specialists and online safety experts in order to maintain a smooth flow of action. Since the website is made for kids, it has to ensure certain restrictions in case of language, visual content and videography. WildWorks has successfully maintained its standards and have kept both the children and their families happy.

There are many game developing companies out there that develop games for kids, but very few have actually taken it a step further. The Spectrum Academy is a score of local charter schools that specialize in teaching kids on Autism Spectrum. A teacher from one of these schools based out of Pleasant Grove reached out to WildWorks in order for them visit the schools and educate their children.

Animal Jam

Alex Porpora, Education Manager at WildWorks said, “Our game really gives these kids a low-risk way to communicate with their peers, without having to worry about social cues or anything like that, which is something we heard from parents.” (1)

It was seen that kids don't only love these games especially Animal Jam because of the fun gameplay, but they could also learn more about the environment as well as the flora and fauna living in it, which subsequently helps them to develop acute awareness of major environmental issues that plague our world today.

Games by WildWorks

The company has developed several games over the years meant for kids. These games helped the kids in developing their logic, cognition, reading and writing skills, and hand-and-eye coordination among many others.

The most renowned and most played game developed by WildWorks is definitely Animal Jam. They partnered up with National Geographic Society to come up with this game. Here your child is given the opportunity to explore the virtual island of Jamaa and learn various facts about animals and the environment. Many animals are disappearing and becoming extinct from Jamaa, the environment is degrading drastically, and it is up to your kid to save this World.

The game has over fifty million users worldwide and the number is increasing on a daily basis. Loaded with various accessories, features and environs, this game will attract your kid like fire attracts a moth.

Another renowned game by WildWorks is Pac-Man World Rally, a kart-racing game for kids filled with vivid colors and shapes, and a gameplay that mimics the timeless arcade game of Pac-Man. WildWorks have also attempted to concentrate its tremendous potential on educating kids about history, and as a result, they end up with Snoopy Flying Ace – a popular Xbox 360 game.

Of course, considering the company's considerable lifespan (and counting), they have came out with a ton of other games such as the Bee Movie Game, Snoopy vs. the Red Baron, Tunnel Town and Animal Jam Jump.

The fame and fortune of WildWorks definitely speaks for itself through this article. Hence, it is no wonder parents and teachers trust WildWorks to provide a part of their child's education and entertainment... and if you are a parent yourself, you'll know that this trust is usually not lightly placed.

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