The Subjects in Educational Games

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In this article we will discuss the different types of lessons that can be learned in a game, and give some examples that represent these subjects. Games Educate Kids - The Subjects in Educational Games

When you think of educational games, there are several subjects that instantly spring to mind, Math, English and Science. But there are many different things that your children can learn in these games and even the general topic of Math has a so many unique options to broaden your child’s learning.

There are games that will help your child learn a new language, the basics of engineering, about shapes, numbers, letters and spelling as well as a host of useful physical skills like reaction time and hand & eye coordination. All of these can be found across a broad spectrum of stories too. And many games feature characters from cartoons and books adding a fun association that can help children pick up the lessons.

If we look at the different range of options within math, children can learn numbers, basic math, shapes and patterns. But also the values of numbers, higher or lower and how they can be used in everyday life. For more advanced and older children you begin to look at games that reach basic engineering, or more complicated math problems like sub division and multiple string patterns.

Some of the best math games include Rescue the Blue Mermaid, Math Blaster and for higher levels of education Code Breaker. Each of these games uses numbers and shapes as a main focus, but they also engage children and make learning fun.

If you are looking for word games there are a lot of options, from learning the alphabet to technical skills such as nouns and verbs. In almost every game there are instructions give out and being able to listen to or read them is as important as the other lessons inside of a game. Some games are able to take a simple concept and make it a really engaging and enjoyable experience for children, and a couple of examples of language games are Martha’s Circus Spectacular and Golden Crown Spelling Bee.

But there are also games that focus on the world around us too, teaching lessons about nature, how to look after the planet and the environment as well as animal studies. These games use some of the same things, shapes, math and language sets, but channel and direct them into subjects like eco systems, or creating a garden of your own. Simply take a look at Rescue Ecotopia to see the sheer variety and quality of lessons on these subjects.

And then there are the physical lessons your children can learn, how to move and use a computer. But also many games challenge the hand and eye coordination of their players, as well as increasing reaction times and helping to develop motor skills. While this may sound like a minor lesson, it is one that is increasingly important in the modern age, and these games can have a positive effect on a child.

There are an awful lot of games out there, and picking one for your child can be a challenge, but if you go in with an idea of the lessons that you want to teach them you can narrow down the search dramatically, and even find something brilliant that your kids will enjoy and get what you want for them. The games we have brought to you are but a small amount of the ones we have on offer, and if you are looking for a specific subject you can take a look at our Lessons List and go directly to that area.

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