Is Disney Movie Club Worth Joining?

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Get all your favorite Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel Studios movies from one, convenient place! Games Educate Kids - Is Disney Movie Club Worth Joining?

What is Disney Movie Club?

Disney Movie Club is a special membership-only club that houses the largest collection of Disney or Disney-affiliated movies, including limited exclusives and rarities that only club members will have access to. It also sells these movies in DVD and Blu-Ray formats to its members.

How to Sign Up?

It’s really easy. Simply pick your free 4 movies and the website will direct you to an email sign-up. Once shipping and payment are made, you’ll then need to confirm your email address to officially join the Disney Movie Club.

As a member, you’ll have to fulfill a commitment to purchase at least 5 movie titles from the site at the regular price of $19.95 per movie (plus shipping and processing) within 2 years, but in return, you can get so much more!

The Benefits of Having a Disney Movie Club Membership

Four Almost Free Movies Right After Signing Up
Where in the world can you buy 4 hardcopy movies for only $1? That’s the deal breaker right there! Not to mention, if you find that the 4 movies you’ve ordered aren’t satisfactory, you can always return them within 10 days, and the Movie Club will not only let you exchange them; they will also pay for the return shipping.

Get 4 Disney movies for $1

Access to All Your Favorite Disney or Disney-Affiliated Movies
Why would you want to join Disney Movie Club? Well, for starters, you can browse and purchase all your favorite movies from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel Studios in a single, convenient location. These movies come in either DVD or Blue-Ray (you get to choose), and as mentioned, you’ll get access to limited exclusives and rarities too! This is a really easy way for you to start building your Disney movie collection.

Monthly Featured Movie Titles
By being a member, a monthly featured movie title, which will be announced on the site, will be sent to you automatically. All you need to do is pay for shipping! However, if you don’t want the featured title, then you can cancel the shipment by following the instructions before the shipping date as indicated.

Exclusive Member’s Discounts and Surprise Gifts
Unlike other movie-buying sites, you’ll get to experience the “Disney Difference” by being a member of Disney Movie Club. New deals are always added to the site, like 20% off additional movie titles or even 50% off with special promotions. Best yet, you will also get access to one-of-a-kind Disney merchandise as well as other surprise gifts along the way.

Is Disney Movie Club Worth Joining?

If you and your child are huge fans of Disney movies and that you’d like to own physical copies of the movie titles you both adore, then joining this Movie Club will make building up your Disney movie collection so much easier. This club is also worth joining if you’re dedicated Disney collector and would like to have every Disney movie titles in hardcopy lined up neatly on your shelf.

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