Is Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries Worth It?

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Get three new age-appropriate Baby Einstein books every month by siging up for Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries! Games Educate Kids - Is Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries Worth It?

What is Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries?

Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries is a special subscription-based educational set that’s provided by Early Moments. By signing up and paying a small price of $3.99 per book (plus a $3.99 shipping for the entire package), you’ll have three age-appropriate Baby Einstein books delivered to your front door every month. That’s not including the amazing welcome package that you can get for the low, low price of $5.95, along with opt-in, limited time bonus offers that will be sent straight to your inbox provided that you’ve decided to sign up for their newsletter as well.

How to Sign Up?

It’s really as easy as 1-2-3! The landing page itself shows everything you’ll need to fill in right from the start. You just need to follow the numbers – you will need to first fill in your shipping details; whether or not you’d like to opt into its limited bonus offer, and you’ll then complete the order by submitting your payment details.

The Benefits of Subscribing to Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries

Foster the Love of Reading in Your Child
The Baby Einstein series of books is designed to make reading fun and exciting, helping your child to develop a lifelong love of reading starting from a really young age. Aside from stories, you can also introduce your young child to various subjects like language, music, animals, nature, and art. The books will allow your baby/toddler link the printed images with real-world objects that they can see, touch, taste, and smell.

The books you’ll get are age- and gender-appropriate as well – you’ll be asked to provide the age and gender of your child when you’re signing up for a membership.

Is Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries Worth It?

Send the Gift of Reading Straight to Your Doorstep
Many parents these days are working people and they simply don’t have the luxury of time to head over to the bookstore and browse through thousands of educational books to select the best ones for their young child at home. When subscribed, your Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries set will be conveniently delivered to your home for less than $5 per book!

Transparent Membership System
The Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries membership plan is completely transparent. Everything they charge you for is shown clearly on their website when you’re signing up. In case you decide that this subscription is not for you, there is zero risk in canceling your subscription as well. There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything else and there are no hidden charges. Plus, you can control your membership online.

Welcome Package and a Limited Bonus Offer
If you sign up now, you can get a welcome package containing 3 board books, 1 plush book, a set of discovery cards (with ring) and a parent’s guide for $5.95 plus free shipping. There is also a limited bonus offer where you can get the Baby Einstein First Words Jumbo Board Book (original price: $14.95) at a whopping 50% off. So, you basically only have to pay $7.48 with no additional shipping or handling fees.

Is Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries Worth It?

Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries. is definitely a great package for busy parents who want the best for their child. These books can help to foster a love of reading in your child at a really young age, laying down the foundations to academic and future success. And well, since when giving your child a head-start in education and in life a “not worthwhile” investment, right?

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