How Can Social Virtual Games Benefit Your Kid?

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Social virtual games for kids are rather plentiful on the internet nowadays and they are not just there for show. They can be very useful in helping your child's development and here are some of the ways how social virtual world games can benefit your kids. Games Educate Kids - How Can Social Virtual Games Benefit Your Kid?

Children are curious by nature and exploring the world in their own way helps them have a better understanding of the world. Whether it’s playing in the playground in the sandbox, or board games in the comfort of your home, a child will tend to pick up from what he or she sees and perceives. However, there are now more sources where one’s child can gain knowledge and one of those quite new sources include online games.

The online games today, particularly social virtual worlds, have become some sort of an immense and somewhat interconnected digital world that can be a major source of knowledge and empowerment if used properly and judiciously. Allowing your child to interact with both the real world and this knowledge-laden digital world will not only keep him or her engrossed and well-educated but will progressively help them learn equally efficiently from both worlds.

Still not convinced? Well, here are some of the ways how social virtual world games can benefit your kids:

#1: Socializing in a Safer Environment

Most social virtual games out there like JumpStart Online or Club Penguin are designed specifically for kids to socialize with one another in a safe environment and using a safe method of communication by constantly monitoring chat channels and restricting the use of certain rude words. Some games even go a step further by limiting chat to certain phrases and words that your child can pick and use.

Due to the safer environment and the anonymity that the internet provides, some of the shy kids feel more comfortable coming out of their shells and became more social. Their anxiety and apprehension when it comes to making new friends or meeting new people or going to places will not entirely vanish... at least not at first. With time and new friends they have made, they will be able to transfer the socializing skills they’ve learned into the real world. For instance, in the online social game, Club Penguin, your kid will be able to explore the virtual world with his or her pet Puffle, meet new friends and interact with various virtual characters in a brilliantly-created and very colorful virtual world.

If your kid isn’t really keen on having to get to know new people, these games are ideal for him or her. Interacting with new people of their age groups will keep them more engaged. So if your kid is a little shy, do not fret. Spend some quality time with him or her at home interacting and helping them play these virtual games. With time, they will be able to learn how to socialize with people and perhaps reduce his or her shyness by a few notches.

#2: Nurtures Creativity

Some social virtual games, such as Animal Jam, allow your child to decorate and design their very own virtual homes. This is where your kid’s creativity can be nurtured. Not to mention, some games even allow other kids in the game to vote for the home designs that they like. If your child’s design is chosen, they are then rewarded with in-game fame and perhaps some extra coins to buy more stuff for their virtual homes – giving them the encouragement they need to continue honing their creative skills.

If you would like to take it one step further, some social virtual world games like Roblox have a sandbox aspect which allows your child to use the tools and blocks given in the game to build their very own home... or anything else they want. Some may want to build a princess castle while the other, a treehouse. Some may even craft an amazing-looking ship while others create a fun maze adventure for other players to enjoy.

It’s simply incredible what your child can come up with when they are given the tools they need to do so... and honestly, online games, particularly sandbox games, have everything they need to boost up their creativity. If you’re interested to read more about how sandbox games can inspire creativity in kids, simply click on the link to head to that article.

Franktown Rocks

#3: Learn Basic Musical Skills

If you want to give your child a good head start in the musical world, you can simply send him or her off to music classes, but sometimes, the “practice, practice, practice” mantra used by so many musical teachers are just not the type of motivation your child needs. Well, if that’s the case, this is where engaging musical-themed social virtual worlds can come in... and one such game is Franktown Rocks.

In this game, your child will be able to learn to play (only the basics though) a variety of instruments while interacting with other musically-inclined kids in a cheerful and safe game environment. They are given the freedom to compose their own tunes and share them freely with the community. They can even get some really supportive and constructive feedback from their listeners and improve from there.

#4: Problem Solving, Time Management and Other Skills

In today’s busy and fickle world, time management is a very important aspect of life and all parents must strive to instill that concept in their kids. Sometimes asking your kid to finish a certain indoor task on time isn’t quite the way. Kids tend to get distracted easily and will by default concentrate on something that interests him or her more than the task at hand. In this case, online games can be a lifesaver.

Games like Petra’s Planet will not only help your kid have a better psychological development, but teach him or her about the world geography, cultures and social scenarios of various countries. The game is filled with smaller subset puzzles and time-limited games that will help your kid learn how to best manage their time when they have a lot of things they needed to do.

Let’s not forget that most social virtual worlds have a slew of puzzles that your child and enjoy as well. By playing these games, they will be able to hone their problem solving skills. Games like Moshi Monster, for example, offers a variety of puzzle games, ranging from math puzzles to even word-based puzzles. Since these games are extremely engaging, your kid will most definitely lose himself in the virtual world of talking animals, trees and clouds while inadvertently learning something educational along the way.

All in all, children are the future of your society and their development and growth is a part of a long chain of events leading up to posterity. Thus, when it comes to your kid, you should not compromise on their cognitive development and social thinking abilities. So, make full use of the internet’s rich trove of educational online games and let your child learn in a more engaging way!

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