Gamify Your Children's Learning with ABCmouse

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Like the revolutionary educational TV shows, Sesame Street or the Magic School Bus, ABCmouse is helping educators from all over the world to keep up with the times and use modern tools to make learning fun and engaging for kids. Games Educate Kids - Gamify Your Children's Learning with ABCmouse

Whether or not you approve of homeschooling, every parent will agree that kids shouldn't stop learning once they leave the classroom - learning should be a constant process! However, the traditional medium of learning can appear especially dull in today's time and age when kids' media can come in so many different and more attractive forms. One thing's for sure though - kids do sure love their play time! What if they could learn as they play? Wouldn't that be the best of both worlds?

Cue the drumroll for® Early Learning Academy, the world’s largest, multiplatform, and award-winning educational game that offers full online curriculum for children ages 2 to 8. Designed by educational experts, this game provides your children with more than 850 lessons and a whopping 9000 standards-based learning activities that are separated into four major categories, namely Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies, as well as Art and Colors. In fact, the curriculum offered by ABCmouse is so comprehensive, you could even save some cost by sending your children to a kindergarten and simply homeschool them instead.

The types of content available in ABCmouse are just astounding! Your kids can read books, play games, solve puzzles, watch videos, sing songs, and color pictures. There are also interactive zoos and farms for your child to “visit”. They can meet and interact with realistically drawn animals there. Regardless of what they are “play” on ABCmouse, you can rest assured that your children will be learning something in the process.

Not to mention, ABCmouse also provides you with over 2000 printable worksheets for those off-screen times, which your child should have. All of these educational materials are easily accessible via the ABC world map. More new content is constantly being added to the game world, to boot!

ABCmouse - the digital classroom

Aside from being completely child-safe since ABCmouse has no ads or external links, this game has a robust rewards system in place to encourage your child to actually be excited to boot up the game on your mobile device or on your web browser. Your kids will earn tickets by completing activities and these tickets can then be spent to buy decorations for the classroom, new fishes for the class’ aquarium, or even new outfits for their own customizable avatar. Your kids can purchase a virtual pet using tickets as well.

On the parents’ end, ABCmouse provides you with a special progress tracking system which will, needless to say, track your child’s progress in the ABC world. Interestingly, you will also get to view your child’s ticket spending habits. Since ABCmouse is cross-platform, your child can use it on the PC or even on your mobile device while on a road trip too.

Considering all the benefits ABCmouse can bring, it is available for a low subscription price of $9,95 per month. Of course, if you subscribe to its annual membership instead, you’ll get a nice 49% discount. Still unsure? Well, you can try the game for free for 30 days. If the game truly clicks with your child, then by all means, this is a very worthwhile purchase.

In some way, ABCmouse can be likened to Sesame Street and the Magic School Bus to some extent. Although not as revolutionary, it is paving a way for parents, teachers and other educators of young minds to fully utilize modern tools to make learning fun and more engaging, and actually making kids feel excited to learn new things. Who knows? Instead of pestering you to buy a certain toy for them, they will be pestering you to boot up the ABCmouse game on your PC for them to play.

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