Fun and Social Horse Games for Kids

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Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs or MMOs) are one of the more popular gaming genres in the industry because of how they encourage strategy and critical-thinking skills as well as provide a platform to foster friendships and practice social skills. Applied to horse games, MMO-based horse games such as those we discuss in this article are the perfect avenue to both indulge your love of horses and meet people who share the same passions.
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If you’re a fan of horses, then you’ll most likely appreciate the wide variety of horse-themed games that are available in the market which appeal to both the young and the young-at-heart.

The MMO horse game genre is popular, in particular, with young girls because they combine the charming world building of virtual horse simulators and the social mechanics of connecting with other players. Below are a couple of the more popular MMO horse games that are great ways for your children to form friendships, develop communication skills, and learn the value of cooperation in a fun, virtual environment they enjoy and are comfortable interacting in.

Star Stable

Star Stable is one of the most popular horse games for players of all ages where players compete and interact with players around the world as they level up their horses and characters by joining clubs, collecting gear, equipment, and clothing, and participating in quests in the game’s expansive virtual world called Jorvik Island.


Although you start the game with one horse, you can purchase more horses from a variety of unique horse breeds, owning as many horses as you can.

Horse Riding Tales

Horse Riding Tales is different from other MMOs in that you have to catch your first horse rather than choose one for yourself. This task requires you to create a stable or stall for your horse as well as taming orbs from materials like iron, wood, cotton, stone, amber, and opal. Throughout the gameplay, you will work your way through various quests and competitions such as horse shows, dressage competitions, cross country races, and more.

The horses in Horse Riding Tales are characterized by their color and unique abilities rather than breeds. Current horses are split up into categories such as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Fantasy.


Horse Isle

The Horse Isle game series lets players create their characters and customize their look using different dresses, and items. It has a very large open environment, clubs, 100 unique horse breeds, hundreds of Adventures, unique Mini-games, the ability to catch wild horses, option to keep 100+ horses (with crafting barns), crafting, character personalization, horse breeding, auction house, racing, events, and more.

The ultimate goal of gameplay is for players to explore the game world, find wild horses, interact with other players, and complete different objectives together. Once players finds their horse, the objective is to take care of it, train it and compete against friends in tournaments and other competitions. There are different landscapes to explore and the players earn experience points as they complete tasks. Purchase different items and outfits for your horse and take advantage of its unique abilities and skills as it competes in racing, dressage, and jumping competitions with other players. Want to upgrade your horse or tack? Simply barter for items with other players using the game’s currency called “gold dust”.

One of the best features of Horse Isle is the vast range of horse breeds you can buy or breed yourself. Stick with purebreds or even create fun crossbreeds! The game also features mustangs and other wild breeds that you can tame.

My Horse

My Horse takes place in a fantasy-based world that includes hundreds of horses to play with and enjoy. Through customization, you can create and personalize your own horse then take care of it by treating, feeding and grooming it. There are eight different breeds to gather and care for. Train your horse and take part in jumping competitions to earn trophies. The objective is to keep your horse happy and healthy.

Alicia Online

Another one of the more popular horse games with children, Alicia Online is a free MMO horse game that offers beautiful anime-inspired graphics and environments. The aim is to keep your horse healthy by feeding it healthy food, grooming, and building an ideal stable.

A horse caring and racing game in one, Alicia Online has competitions you can join such as for Race, Magic, Speed, etc. Players can challenge or be challenged by other players into any of the racing events and upon winning, Alicia Online rewards players with upgrades. The RPG element of the game, meanwhile, lets players upgrade themselves and their horses to play against advanced players (AI and Online for a chance to level up and win rewards like upgrades and experience points.


Horse Haven: World Adventures

This virtual horse ranch game boasts polished graphics, animated horses and beautifully crafted environments. It’s a village building game similar to Farmville where your goal is to take care of ranches, breed horses, and feed and care for them.

As you grow in levels, you unlock more functionalities and ranches, as well as new horse breeds you can raise. Other than existing horse breeds, you can also breed constellation and mythical horses.

Horse Quest Online

Every horse has a story, and Horse Quest Online puts you in the hooves of a young horse looking for adventure, unraveling the mysteries of a mysterious forest with your friends online.

Together with your horse, gallop out of your stable and enter a gorgeous 3D environment filled with trees, sharp cliffs and beautiful hills as you unravel the mystery of Maplewood forest while making new friends with players from all around the world. Choose from different breeds like Quarter Horse, Shetland Pony, Pegasus, Arabian, Draft, and even the famous Clydesdale! You can name your horses, choose their personalities, pick their favorite foods, assign their favorite activities, and more.

A friendly character named Mandy will help guide you through the game as you start off with a brown Hanoverian at level 0. As you complete quests, you gain horseshoes and advance through the levels. Complete fun quests, help Mandy find lost treasures, protect the farm by chasing away raccoons and skunks, and complete trail rides and jumping courses.

The games above are just a small sampling of the dozens of MMO horse games available for you and your children to indulge in for endless hours of virtual horse raising, fun competitions, and friendly interactions with fellow horse-loving players. Whether you’re planning on owning a real-life horse or simply enjoy horses and exploring their complex world, you have a lot of exciting, entertaining, and educational options to consider.

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