Free Educational Children's Games that Your Child Can Play on the Browser

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These days, it shouldn’t cost a penny to supplement your children’s education when there are plenty of free educational children's games that are available online which can be played on popular PC and mobile browsers. Covering a wide range of subjects from arithmetic to paleontology, this article lists just a few of the best educational browser-based games that are free for you and your kids to both play and learn from.
Games Educate Kids - Free Educational Children's Games that Your Child Can Play on the Browser

Gamification, as used in the educational sphere, strategically attempts to supplement learning by creating similar experiences to those experienced when playing games in order to motivate and engage students as they learn a variety of subjects. This is generally accomplished through the application of game-design elements and game principles (dynamics and mechanics) in the process of teaching.

And while most of the more popular, comprehensive, elaborately designed, and graphically advanced educational games are accessible only through paid software download (offline) or subscription (online); fortunately, there are hundreds of primarily advertising-supported browser-based free educational games available online which provide just as fun and worthy supplemental learning material as the paid alternatives. Below, we feature five of the top-rated titles often included in websites’ “best” educational browser-based online games lists.

Code Panda

Code Panda is one of the few browser-based free coding games available online that introduce basic programming skills for primary school-aged children who want to learn computer and robotics science concepts early on. With the objective of coding a panda character’s movements to reach stalks of bamboo in order for it to eat, Code Panda’s 32 challenging levels teach children to use simple drag-and-drop programming blocks in a logical sequence, as well as more complex elements such as loops. The game seamlessly eases the young players into the practice of computer programming in such a simple and straightforward manner so that coding becomes intuitive to their nature and making them more readily receptive to advanced programming concepts as they progress.


Crazy Shooter Of Math

Crazy Shooter Of Math is an arcade game that trains children’s calculating skills alongside improving their cognitive abilities, coordination, and reflexes. Featuring endless challenges in two different lab locations, the objective of Crazy Shooter Of Math is to answer some simple math questions to complete missions and advance to new levels—a correct answer gives you a pass to shoot the monsters and move forward, while a wrong answer kills your character and ends the game.

The game features tricks hidden throughout the levels, so the player has to be careful to navigate through them. Requiring players to utilize their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills, kids will have to remember all their tables and lessons in order to succeed in this game.

Jurassic Dinosaurs

An online HTML5 game produced by, Jurassic Dinosaurs is a natural science and paleontology-themed puzzle game playable on browsers such as Safari and Chrome. Kids tap on a spot to uncover fossilized bones of extinct dinosaurs such as pterodactyl and triceratops. Once all of the bones are collected, players then piece them together in a puzzle until they form a complete fossil which unlocks a complete illustrated profile of the dinosaur, including its name, size, habits, and more. Kids can even color-in the dinosaurs using a magic brush.


USA Map Challenge

USA Map Challenge is a free, puzzle-based geography game for kids quizzing them about their knowledge of US states and each state’s location on a USA map. Starting with a blank map without borders, the objective of USA Map Challenge is to place all US states on their correct positions on the map as fast as possible. Simply drag a state to its correct position on the map (or in close vicinity to it--if you drop the state close enough to the correct place, it will lock it into proper position) and try to get them all correct on your first try. Play this game enough times, and your child will be able to intuitively remember where all 50 states are located in relation to the USA map.

Aliens Vs Math

Aliens Vs Math is a fun online math game where kids and students 5-years-old and above can practice their arithmetic skills. Players can choose math games that let them focus on the 4 branches of arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also comes with a mixed game feature including all four options to practice a full range of elementary number theories. The goal of the game is to save a cow from being abducted by aliens, who are lurking in their spaceship above.


Type the correct answer to the math problem before the time runs out. If your answer is incorrect, the aliens take one of your three cows. You can only make three mistakes before you lose. You also lose a cow if you run out of time before entering the right answer. As you answer more problems correctly, the higher your points get, and the game’s difficulty level also increases.

The titles listed above are just a few of the tons of equally fun, engaging, and educational free games your kids can play on their computer, tablet, or mobile browsers on EZJO or any of our sister HTML 5 sites.

Want to find other similar games to help supplement your kids’ learning during their free time? There are lots of children’s gaming websites that list dozens of options to consider, including משחקים בחינם for Israeli parents who are looking for online games in Hebrew specifically designed and localized for Israeli children, such as those focused on coloring and drawing, dress-up, cooking sims, and other engaging, educational games.

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