5 Life Skills Your Child Can Learn from Games

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Most games teach hard subjects like science and maths, but there are some that can also teach your child soft skills that will help them in their future lives regardless of which profession they choose. Games Educate Kids - 5 Life Skills Your Child Can Learn from Games

“If Pac-Man had affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.” (1) Maybe Marcus Brigstocke was making a joke when he said this statement or perhaps he wasn’t. No matter what, this could turn out to be a pretty controversial statement to the untrained reader. In spite of the diverse ambiguities, this statement poses a major question for the world today. Are games really helping your child?

Well, being a website named Gameseducatekids, naturally, you'll find us standing on the affirmative side of the topic... not because we have to, but because we truly believe that games, especially educational ones, can be beneficial to kids, and we aren't the only ones.

Many developers in the world today are trying to create games that could actually help ease the burden of parents and teachers when it comes to the crucial task of educating children. Unlike adults, kids have this tendency to avoid things that they don't like, and for many kids at school, there will be at least 1 subject that they really dislike and failed pretty horribly in. So what if the games were created in such a way that, they can help with this issue while the kids can also have some fun in the process?

There are several educational and fun games on the internet today that could teach children a variety of hard subjects like science, mathematics, English, social studies, space and many more, but when it comes to soft skills - abstract skills that they will definitely need in life - many games failed to be the proper medium to encourage the development of such skills.

Don't despair just yet though! Through some hard work, we've come up with a list of 5 life skills that your child can learn along with some examples of games. Here's the list:


Creativity and imagination are the key ingredients of development. Facts can be read up or referred from books, creativity can only be sown. The seeds of creativity should be planted at a very early stage of life so that it has ample time to grow and mature. There are certain fun and educational games like Franktown Rocks, Invention Engine, Airlines Builder that would help develop your kid’s creativity and imagination.


If one delves into the very essence of gaming one would realize that games don't really discourage communication, but it's rather an outlet for socially shy kids to test the waters and perhaps come out of their shells. Games like Roblox, Jumpstart Online, and Moshi Monsters allows your kid to interact with characters, objects and other players, and also the freedom to be whoever they are without judgement.

Logical Reasoning

Development and advancement are the brainchildren of logic and analysis. Without analyzing a situation logically one will never be able to devise a solution to a certain problem. There are certain games for children that improve the brain’s functionality and thereby enhancing metal prowess and alertness. Logic is essential in undertaking the simplest actions of life and games like Argument Wars and Top Crop enhance logical reasoning at a very early stage of life.


Instead of continually repeating the statement ‘Patience is a virtue’ to your little kid, why not let him or her learn it by himself or herself? Patience is always the key to success and survival. In a world so fickle and transient, it is often difficult to stay on one subject for a long time. This is prevalent especially in children whose minds are questioning everything from the color of the sun to the weird little bug crawling on a branch. Let you kid play games like Wizard 101, Egg Cave and Boonie Planet to improve his or her patience and let them understand that greatness requires plenty of time and effort to achieve.


Planning is the first step for every activity and action on this planet whether you’re buying new shoes or declaring war against the world. Without a proper and well thought of plan, an action can never be completed successfully. With a proper plan in place, the whole world could be under your thumb. Well, games like SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge! and Game Over Gopher will not teach your kid to conquer the world, but it would definitely teach them the essence of planning before taking action.

Video games are not bad. They are not even a necessary evil. They are a more interactive and fun way for your children to use to understand the world. Your child has the luxury of using games to help enhance their learning process and it would be terrible to deprive them of such opportunity.

(1)- http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/video-games

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